Is Octatrack able to do this? Inspired by Korg MicroSampler + Boss SP-505

Hi All,

Firstly, I would like to say big thanks to all of you. I have learned so much reading the threads on the forum that I have no idea what I would do without them. You are amazing and always very helpful.

I have a combo of Octatrack and DSI Tempest but I am still a bit lost of how I want to use them together.
I would be superb happy for some useful tips regarding using these two machines together.

Okay, mainly I produce some raw/dark/dirty techno but recently I am really inspired by this guy: (you will understand it after first 2 minutes)
He uses Korg MicroSampler + Boss SP-505 and does crazy glitchy/dirty/chaotic beats which I love.
What is the trick? Does anybody know how to do it?

I tried some stuff and I managed to do similar things but it is just about feeling, I would like to understand how he is doing it. Can anyone try to explain it to me, please? I can see/hear that this is a very short loop and he is basically layering the sounds but why they are so ‘‘moved’’? It is not just about polyrhythm I guess. Is specific delay set up?

I would really appreciate if you can help me to understand his technic better and explain how I can achieve something similar using OT + DSI Tempest.

Many thanks!


Hi! I dont hear anything here that i think the OT cant do. Im reminded of jdilla: turning quantise off in the Mpc and live req the drums into the sequencer. Also - microtiming would do it, but «getting it» will require some spontaneity i feel. I would program the snare here using microtiming and then live input the kick. Maybe also look for videoes of OTs REC trigs - im sure you could run the tempest on grid and then set up some wonky OT rec triggers to get fab results.


Thanks Grim_Erland!

Well, I was not clear enough. My goal is to do it ‘‘as live as possible’’ not just to do it as I know that the OT is so powerful beast that it would have any problem at all. I just do not want to stuck into programming patters, changing too many options, etc. Just playing live and get similar results. I am going to read more about what you have mentioned above. I have the OT for a while now but I guess that as most of us, I can not say that I know everything about it. With some of the aspects I am more familiar, with some of them not.

Thanks again for your quick response!

That was a really nice set he pulled off there. I can’t offer any help, but just wanted to say thanks for sharing this!


Right, right - well theres no substitute for live - wouldnt live playing the T and using the OT as looper etc be a great thing? As for how…well theres people here that might have an idea or a million…:wink:

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The guy on the left in the video is bobbing his head around like a bulldog on a cars rear window. Ive never seen anyone use an OT that had the same effect. So probably not :slight_smile:

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Can you tell wot it is yet??? (Crocodile dundee voice innit)

Hes actually using a delay. He has drum sounds, keys, bass he can pull up quickly on the keyboard and hes playing the parts in one by one on a never ending delay with a long time setting

Hes attenuating the volume to create ducking and to clear some space. I wouldn’t reccomend trying to make techno this way its too fast!

Its such an inventive way to make music though i love it.

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For me main limit of OT is realtime pitch, limited to 1 octave up. Resampling possible for 2 octaves, not practical.
Korg Microsampler and Sp505 are toys compared to it. Sequencer!

Edit : Sorry I misunderstood the question.


This music had me not liking it one moment and then the next moment it was the absolute shiz… :joy:
Kept going back and forth… Overall I think that’s a good thing… :grin:


I have used Pick Up machines with some Lo-Fi effect and I was pretty close to that but this is still not the same. Please, do not get me wrong, I don’t want to copy that guy, I just think that his technic is really fresh and touched me.

That is so true.

I meant that I mainly produce techno but recently I really enjoy to produce some kind of hip hop beats and I would like to achieve something similar. You have mentioned about delay. Would you know how to use Octatrack’s delay to do it? Or is it not powerful enough what probably and unfortunately is a true.

Any external delay that would do the job? I always wanted to explore delay thing more but I am not sure if this one from OT allows me to explore the world. Do you have some good models that you could recommend to me?

To do what exactly? Sorry, I don’t understand what is not possible with OT In that concern.
Please detail precisely what kind of behavior you need with its delay, or give a obvious audio example.

Delay mangling example with OT and Elektron demo loop :


Love this jam and it illustrates the point very well.

The original example video from the Boiler Room only points out a very talented improv artist. The gear was not the important factor there.


Whatever the gear, what’s the real question about delay fx?

Is Octatrack able to do this?

Edit : don’t use Pickups but Flex + Track Recorder for realtime mangling.

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reminds me of

as someone said above, he uses a delay
I bought this one here immediatly after I saw that clip
You would just need some sampling source, could be an instrument, could be an OT which would be sorta overkill, could be a cheap sampler providing all your needs…
Right now I am using a small Kaosspad to granulize my sound to death.
Thyme could be a solution.
Thank you for pointing me to the artist.
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I havent been able to listen back from good speakers, but to me its sounds like whats going on is live sampling and looping, and then theres distortion from somewhere - likely both his sources and in the recording medium. That kind of blown sound - overdrive the OTs inputs (i never really tried)? Maybe a combination of filter drive and a neighbour track with lofi and delay? Master comp on some absurd setting? Also you have the benefit of whatever signal degradation/gain mismanagement the tempest might offer! Then theres his style - when Ive played the OT live theres no pacing around for me, total tunnelvision and laser concentration :slight_smile:

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Hes using a delay mate

Im at work now but ill try and get to see if the OT can do the same thing in the next few days. If the delay time wont go long enough to be a bar then no… it cant do it

Edit: its a delay, fully wet (thats why when he plays sounds you cant hear them until it repeats) with a delay time that is ‘1 bar’ long in time



Right, right - then prob thats an important factor in the timing and swing of it all!

Interesting character, got the slightly awkward stage presence of MF DOOM with a dilla off beat wonkiness but more rigid and unnatural. I enjoyed that.

honestly couldn’t have saw where that was going for the intro. You see the moment where the crowd clicks with the weirdness pretty early. Is it hip hop, is it techno? Hipno? I don’t know but it’s definitely interesting. Coulda done without some of the harsh noisier parts imo but still, overall pretty good

honest opinion about the crowd?
totally overreacting as if they paid a lot and now have to experience something extra special.
As much as I enjoy the miss the beat attitude this is not as cool as it should be to enjoy it that much…
It is a bit weird watching the crowd.
I might simply not get it :slight_smile:

Nah I get you, crowds always overact on these sorts of videos, so do the performers. nobody sways like that in the studio lol. Standing at my desk like image

i was talking about when it all clicked together as a coherent beat and you see people start to get it, not the ones giving it Wayne’s world through the whole set image

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