Is parameter resolution fixed to 128 steps?

Are all the parameter ranges on the AR fixed to a 128-step resolution? Can you get a finer resolution via using NRPM for example? I find i am struggling with some controls as the granularity is a bit coarse for many situations…

check Appendix C: MIDI on the manual, there’s a list of all the parameters with relative CC and NRPN

Yeah, I have checked these and it’s pretty cool that both CC and NRPN remote control is supported, but I have 0 experience in using NRPN control. Is NRPN also 7bit data like CC?

there’s a little difference between MIDI CC and NRPN, have a look here to get an understanding of how things work.
do you want to hook up a MIDI controller to the AR?

Yeah, already using it with an MPC4000. So what, NRPN is like 14bit? If so, my prayers have been answered :slight_smile: EDIT: hmm, seems like the data resolution of NRPN messages is up to the developer. Need to study the manual… EDIT2: only 7bit NRPN. Bummer…