Is The digitone a softsynth?

They should have punched some breathing holes in the box.

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@francis When will these monsters learn

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To me the digitone is a musical instrument, where in part it is defined by the sound it generates and also its limitations. An instrument is also a thing where the end result is something greater than the sum of the parts.

A good question is: can you replicate the sounds of the digitone through software alone? No doubt, the answer is yes.

Another good question is: given the finite amount of time we get to be here, what do I want to do with that time?

Some people just enjoy the experience of learning and playing a musical instrument. There is a lot of joy in it.

I feel it is both a privilege and a function of luck if you get to spend even a portion of your time playing an instrument.

Elektron makes instruments, new instruments no-one has ever seen before. They are things where the whole is greater.

Another good question is: Is it worth it?

I’ve played instruments my whole life, and guitar is the only one I stuck with. A nice guitar might cost 3-4k. The digitone is a fraction of that. I’m glad I never stuck with piano.

The answer to is it worth it is really up to the individual, their preferences, what they want and what they are trying to do. I think the digitone looks like a lot of fun to use and really does fall in the affordable end of the spectrum.


At a suitable level of synth, every hardware is an abstraction.

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Trying to mess with my brain, are you?

For such an interesting question there sure are a bunch of rubbish answers.

Does the DN have dedicated hardware oscillators, or does it create the audio waves with a general purpose CPU?

The Dx7 is considered a hardware synth because it has dedicated hardware to generate audio for the operators. Even though that hardware is controlled by a little piece of software. The hardware generates the sound.

Dexed and FM8 are software synths because they use a general purpose CPU to generate sound through software that models audio shapes. The software generates the sound.

Which way does the DigiTone do it?

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Simple answer is digitone is a hardware synth, but any digital synth at this point can usually be matched and exceeded in power by a soft synth, cause that’s what they essentially are, just in a box. You pay for the ease of use.

I won’t be buying cause I can just sequence and control an FM softsynth from my OT, p-locks and probability and all, but others needs differ vastly. Say you hate computers or don’t own one, or you want an all hardware setup for live playing, this is a solution. Or if you want a hardware synth that has deep computer integration so you can use both. It’s not really about how the sound is made, it’s the functions and UI that count. Listen to the demos and see if you like the sound rather than worrying about technicalities imo

People think they’re funny by spamming a topic with off-topic replies.

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Lighten up, the question will inevitably be answered. I enjoy it a lot more on here when people talk like humans rather than an instruction manual


It is because the question itself is already funny. Not that there are stupid questions, but asking if a hardware synth is a software synth is a bit trolly and has a hidden agenda (or at least displays quite heavy prejudice).

The answer is what does it matter. There is no objectively better sound, ever, period.

Digitone uses a processor chip the generate the sound. If some hardware used to have separate computing chips due to manufacturing differences compared to modern technology, then so what. It doesn’t mean anything. Different is different.

If the real question is why buy this when there are other options, then ask that. For me it is because I haven’t found similar functionality in software. Sure you can combine stuff but it is never the same. Design and UI matters.

If this was a genuine interest to implementation of Digitone then apologies for this rant. Maybe write less trolly subject lines. :slight_smile:

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That statement implies I am upset or angry about the off topic posts. I merely pointed out the posts are off topic and to me spam and also not even funny. But I guess it’s ok to spam someone’s topic with unfunny off-topic comments. Always good to know the rules.

I’m not saying you’re having a breakdown that was just a bit of a negative comment, hence lighten up.
Anyway we’re veering further off topic here

fun’s over

You know it’s not - and those are not the rules

As ever people, please flag rather than have spats - there were 20 odd flags (too many) on this brief thread - so the community have spoken clearly about what constitutes helpful contributions

It’s worth pointing out that FM in the analogue domain with various ‘algorithms’ is indeed possible - so the question was valid and was unfairly ‘judged’ - in fairness the box is named Digi-tone, but still, people have to feel able to ask questions - it’s a community for all - keep it welcoming, there’s a time and a place for humour and it’s mostly welcomed