Is The Elektron Dark Trinity Still The Ultimate Goal in 2022?

The Octatrack
Analogue Four
And the Analogue Rhythm.

Are they still the dream team? Or are there better players to sub these now.


I would have more fun with the Digitakt, Syntakt and Digitone (which i don’t own anymore). But the ones you listed are probably a bit more powerful.


…a guitar (or any other instrument) will always be a guitar…much depends on who plays it :laughing:


GASsing for an A4 to complete the mkii trinity here. I love my Rytm and want a “thing that’ll be multiple synths in one box, with the Elektron sequencer”. I would feel obliged to sell something else from my stash but I don’t yet feel I’ve outgrown anything.


Got to say but the MK1 trinity just looks better. May not be important to most but they just look more aesthetically pleasing next to each other imo.


I’ve actually never felt like having those 3 very powerful elektron machines together is ideal, because they share some of the same strengths (the elektron sequencer/workflow) and weaknesses (no keys, limited polyphony etc).

I see the appeal of having the 3 of them together but I’d much rather combine the OT with a great keyboard poly than the A4 for instance.

Out of the elektron machines some combo’s I like in theory are:



You’ve got two already. Its a no brainer.


Yes thats the only thing i see as well. A keyboard Poly is just easier. For me The Octatrack the Rhythm and say the new OBXa in Black/grey would look incredible together(and sound).

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So far, my favorite combo is the DT+DN+ST (plus a Micromonsta2 for pads/bass). Basically gives me almost everything I’d need for now.


You missed the golden opportunity to call the thread “Is the elektron holy trinity still relevant in 2022?” :speak_no_evil:


Will do thanks

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I’ve been rocking out on a MK1 A4 and MK2 OT, and it’s been a blast. I hooked up the combo to record an idea, but more ideas kept coming to me in the process. So I’m keeping the band together for now. I could only imagine the possibilities of adding a Rytm to complete the Trinity. I would never leave my desk.

Bottom line: A good instrument is always relevant.

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Don’t forget;


Those 2 cover a ridiculous amount of ground together.
Add in something for drums and voila.


You mean like an A4 or Digitone… :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure, if that’s your fancy. I very rarely use my A4 or DN for full drum sequencing. I do sample drum sounds/patterns from them though.

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Better in terms of features, sure.

But my favourite combo remains OG Trinity…



I’m a dark trinity owner (all MK1 except the Octa) and I also have a DN/DT combo.
They are just different beasts for me. Mainly the performance features of the trinity (macros, scenes, etc…) vs Control All for the DN/DT stuff are the biggest stand outs performance wise.

IMO, the Trinity is absolutely relevant. It’s the greatest trio of devices I’ve ever used personally. If they ever added MIDI control for Fill (or just some way to control all three units’ Fill mode) I don’t think I could ask for anything else.

That makes sense.

My frustrations with trying that with the Rev2 are well documented on this forum. It’s probably me and sampling rather than the gear tho’. When I sit at the poly, my fingers noodle around and make long slow sequences that I don’t have the patience to break into multiple patterns on the OT, especially having to sample to get more than a couple of sounds going. It just painful. I briefly tried getting several synths out and feeding the OT from a mixer, but the options overwhelmed me (and my room’s not ergonomic for that)… so my current idea is that a small format (or “desktop” format) multi-timbral synth (maybe an Elektron) will be most useful beside the AR. And then I’ll get into using the OT for “live remixing” ezbot styleee.

But this is all just GAS and I will continue with the current (elephant slow) project of trying to sample a bunch of one-shots, to turn them into chains to turn the OT into a drum machine… just to learn the OT. ‘cos anything else is just defeatist. I don’t enjoy it tho’.


This is also a very appealing combo to GASsy, hoarder me. But, no. Not yet.

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I’m seeing so many “still relevant” posts on here. Are we all finally eating/trolling ourselves?