Is the MD discontinued?

It’s never in stock anywhere. Like…ever?!

I’m very interested in picking one up but I don’t want to buy something about to be end-of-lifed.

Opinions and or knowledge?

They will have more at Sweetwater in the next few weeks.

It’s in stock here in Germany,

namely here:

and here:

However as far as OS Updates go it’s discontinued! But this is for a reason: The machine is complete as it is right now. And the “older” DSPs in it as well as the internal memory do probably not allow for more features to be added.

Fair enough. Anyone ever have to replace the internal battery? Is it user serviceable? (Assuming there is one, like the Octatrack.)

I think it’s a lithium battery that lasts quite a long time. Unlike the Octatrack, the Machinedrum battery is soldered to the circuit board; which means that someone skilled in soldering and desoldering is needed in order to replace it.

Thanks for all the feedback. I picked one up and it’s winging it’s way here as we speak. :slight_smile:

Actually, at least in the MKII’s, the battery is indeed removable. I found this out when I had mine apart a few months ago as it was out of warranty and refusing to boot. It’ll give a “low battery warning” if the battery is low, dead, or not present, so you’ll have more than enough time to save everything to the +Drive before you lose your work (assuming you have it installed).

Even better…thanks!

Bought one, super happy (!!!), but have a couple simple questions (See new post.)