Is the octatrack at the end of the line feature wise?

At this point, I’d be very happy for bug fixes to be Elektron’s sole focus for the OT. It’s a complex machine and I imagine the code is bonkers complicated so I’d rather not encourage them to risk major regression.

It would be nice to see more frequent releases until the known issues are closed (please). Given Overbridge isn’t a factor I assume this would be far more possible than for their other current instruments.

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I didn’t expect any upgrades only some bug fixes. But when I bought the OT it was mainly because of the sequencer that i wanted. When i found out that the live recording doesn’t record the correct not length i had some hope thatthis might get fixed later. But besides that i love the OT, but of course I would love some new effects.

I think the Virus is one of the few synths that really became more valuable and powerful with all the updates. Usually updates on hardware are actually only corrections to make the thing work as expected.

Octatrack DPS-2 is the transcendental object at the end of time, a teleological attractor within the future, the sigularity of infinite complexity…