Is the octatrack at the end of the line feature wise?

Obviously elektron have a lot to do right now with OB/DT/DN and all the mark 2s. I don’t think anyone is complaining about a lack of features on OT of course but I read OT was packed to the brim and no more was possible then probability trigs surfaced. I was just wondering with all the new people that bought OTmk2 did they jump in on a box that’s never gonna get another update? Are feature requests futile at this point? It just seems weird that this would mean if you bought an an OTmk2 you would never gain a new feature in the lifetime of the box. Obviously we’re not at the front of the que understandably, just wondering about the future

I don’t expect any major changes. And let’s face it, this machine has so many features already that they’d have a hard time adding stuff to the UI in a usable manner. On the upside: getting an OT MK2 now means getting the most stable and feature complete OT ever. I have hear I d horrible things about the first few revisions of the OS back when it was first released. I totally get the thrill of new features being added to an existing machine, but I doubt it’ll be a priority for Elektron.


I bought my Mk2 without expecting an update in terms of features. Might see an update to squash a bug or two down the line but that’s it. I’m happy with that.

I still fantasise over a true OT2 though…!


I’m sure Elektron will revisit the one sampler to rule them all topic at some point. And if their recent releases are anything to go by (sans the quality issues of course), it will be insane.


I bought an MKII (my first OT) without expectation of new features. I’m with you on how nice that would be… but not expecting it. I would like to see a few existing features smoothed out. Nothing remotely show stopping… just some little workflow quirks that are easy to overcome as is.

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So much has been added since it was released that I don’t expect anything major. Conditional trigs was a big surprise to me :thup:

Elektron should definitely put in some of these though - Modest requests from the community:

And fix the major bugs of course


I was in the fence about OT2 until trig conditions was announced. I use it all the time and think I would have been a bit frustrated without it. I’m happy with the stuff it has and don’t expect any significant updates. Opposite of my sp16 position.

To the OP I would just mention that not getting something because it isn’t expected to see any feature updates might be a little silly. I would think something so packed that nothing else needs to be added would be a good thing.

I’m thinking along the lines of normal acoustic instruments. Pianos are pretty static in terms of feature sets and that is not even a little bit of a problem when one looks to buy one.

I think thinking of the OT as an instrument instead of a tool might help.

I’m saying this without considering any user case issues that have been highlighted and not fixed, etc.

On the other hand, they JUST released a mark 2 of it!!! What company planning on letting something die, does that?



@2disbetter I don’t plan on getting an Octatrack, I’ve already got 2 :pl:

That’s more the point I was getting at. I’m absolutely happy with OT as it is already, I just see a lot of people post feature requests still and a lot of them are great ideas, plus with them doubling down and not changing anything much for the mk2 maybe in the future something may come, if only small things

I hope so one day. it really blows everything else out of the water in functionality, I can’t help but wonder what the modern adaptation might look like. I don’t want big colour screens necessarily. Maybe better FX, more outs and stuff. There’s not really much more I can ask for in big terms


I always assumed the feature request thread was like a wishing well.


Does anybody even know about emailing ?
The actual official way to submit a feature request?

Nothing on the feature request thread is actually a feature request, and Elektron doesn’t officially monitor the board for things like that…


Oh right! Good info I had no idea

I got the OT mk II because I felt it was elektron’s way to venerate the original octatrack concept (why do I think so? partly because colour scheme - its not the same grey as on the mk Ii analogs for example), not by adding anything, but by making sure the small things about the details of the unit were polished, major weaknesses of design (in sound q and in UI/UX) diminished so that the OT could be all it was designed to be in the first place. Therefore I am not really expecting anything new.

BUT! If there was one just one thing that I could change/add to the OT, it would be the change of the Parts system. What do I want changed? I want 16 parts per bank instead of four, with the active part selectable by PART+trig combo, kinda how like selecting scene A/Bs work ATM.

In addition to this, if parts could be stackable like scenes (as in, only assigned params would change with a part - ”Part locking”?), I’d consider the OT to be perfect for what it is. Part stacking would make ”next level” octatrack usage much easier, for example, as you wouldn’t have to come up with oddball strategies for maintaining consistent settings for certain areas/tracks of OT while a part change only changed other aspects (like switching the roles of tracks 1,2,5,6 while tracks 3,4,7,8 keep on doing what they were doing in another part). The current, non-stacking implentation of parts makes doing things like this still possible, but everything requires alot of preplanning and extra thought - even extra ”utility” hardware at extreme cases!

Okay, maybe the second request (stackable parts) would take too much resources to realistically implement, there might be way too much chance of new bugs for example… But still, 16 parts would be great and would make sense even without new legending to the case, or any new buttons or anything… And would make total sense otherwise as well (would allow for each pattn to have its own individual settings like DT&DN and the analogs).

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I hope it isn’t at the end of development considering the mkII hasn’t even been on the market for a year yet! I don’t believe that is is at end of development anyway, whether the mkI will continue to have features added is a different matter, but I hope so, like a good sword it needs to be sharpened from time to time!

I think that the Octatrack is the most enigmatic machine Elektron ever made, and to my mind was a true re-imagination of the sampler, it took the rule book of what a sampler should be according to every manufacturer before and laughed before tossing it in the trash where it belonged :wink: I think it is a classic as it is, but a few enhancements here and there certainly would not hurt, the mkII addresses a lot of the UI issues from the mkI but some operational issues still remain, too much button pushing is still a problem and even on the mkI this could be cured.

One thing I noticed is the mkII boots up slightly faster than the mkI - anyone else notice that?


Agree. More outs, true multi-tracking, improved FX, better handling of save and ram, job done

i would like sidechain input for the compressor from physical inputs or from the other tracks… to be selected in the doublepress fx setup next to the rms setting.

an overdrive and clean tube amplifier modeller as a new effect.
a second type of flanger-chorus combo effect modelling the vintage EHX “Smallstone” pedal (the model with the red and black faceplate, specifically).

the new l.e.d. buttons really take the Octatrack mkII to the next level of usability enjoyment. they really have delighted this User, as everything makes a lot more sense to me visually, compared to the mkI (some Users could understand it’s layout, but for some reason i didn’t quite take to it). Of all the machines, the Octatrack has benefited most from the new multicolour l.e.d. buttons imho.

I feel sidechaining from inputs is a bit of a glaring omission, I’d like that a lot

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I don’t think OS updates for the OT will come to a grinding halt. 6 years after initial release, they still bother to release an OS update that will work with MkI as well as MkII - that’s impressive to.

OTOH, I would not be surprised if there is no MkIII in the future. I could see maybe a Digitakt II with predictable upgrades over the present model ( stereo output(s), more memory, etc.), followed perhaps by a Digitakt II+ or Digitakt III that takes on more OT functionality like Scenes, the Scene fader, etc.

Companies tend to what to put out product that will sell, and people tend to buy product that they understand. The OT is a unique product that has earned a place in sampler history, but it clearly confuses potential customers, whereas Digitakt is clearly marketed as a drum sampler or at least some sort of sampling groovebox.

Anyway, just my thoughts/observations.

oh, just remembered my other great desire for the magnificent OT ecosystem: a third type of timestretching algorithm: “Bass”.

the “normal” type algorithm is pretty cool. the “beat” algorithm is simply genius and works a total treat, i love it.

a Bass algorithm that can deal directly with bass notes, especially longer-held bass notes say one or two minim’s worth or more, for timestretching, would be a greatly appreciated facet.

and without wishing to whinge, the Akai Live has the option to timestretch via Pitch, thus not using an algorithm at all.

the option to timestretch via Pitch would not always be ‘desirable’ nor appropriate, and yes it sounds better when done manually on vinyl. and yet, i must say, it still sounds pretty awesome - occasionally bringing out some simply gorgeous harmonics. The feature would be easy to implement, if thought about properly (unless there is a code structure in place precluding such an option, but i think it would be moderately easy to achieve).

I’ve felt like the release of the OT mkii was like a period on the end of a sentence. A signifier that the OT in its original form is finally finished (mostly) after 7 years.

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