Is there a bug when sampling?

This afternoon I was happily sampling sounds into my OT and playing them via the Recording buffers. My process is usually to first sample, preview & trim and then place playback trigs.

Tonight I fired up the OT and went to sample and all I get is silence. The input lights are flickering and sound is being passed through the machine but nothing gets samples (blank waveform & Function + Yes = no audio).

Oddly, I went to another pattern in another bank, played them and then returned to the bank where I’m trying to sample and it suddenly worked - I got a waveform. But… then I went to do it again and nothing.

This has happened before and I’ve seem threads where people seem to have this same issue but I can’t find a conclusive answer. Seems like a bug to me.

Anyone else have this?



did you assign a source to the recording trigger (press trig and REC AB or CD or MIDI)? default is on for all, but i’ve had situations where i had disabled or reconfigured the sources and then forgot about it.

fwiw, i have seen some inexplicable inconsistencies recently, only since the last update, but perhaps because i’m using it differently, mostly in terms of machine assignments and statuses and playback issues, all resolved by seemingly no intervention and all inconsistent with the UI, e.g i was getting neighbour style playback with a non sampling static track, it worked exactly as a neighbour, but read static, re-engaging staid remedied it, but a few slight gremlins lie that, having to load unload and reload a slot to get the right behaviour, mostly i’m confident it wasn’t user error, some of the glitchy erratic things had me worried about hardware -sorry, rambling on, sampling has been steady for me lately

@MichalHo - I was sampling without trigs, just capturing a single tone.

I managed to get it working, I cleared the part and reassigned the recorder buffers (basically set everything back up as it should be) and then it worked. No idea why it didn’t work before, all the settings were the same.



This sort-of happened to me too when manual quantized sampling.
I got no audio.
But with a normal rec-trig all worked.

After a corect sampling I re-did the manual sampling and all was fine

Hopefully all these little quirks will be ironed out over the next few updates. I’ll drop a line to support so they know it’s a buggy area.

I do love the OT - it’s become my fave piece of Elektron gear just because it is potentially limitless. I just wish it was a bit more stable.

Here’s hoping!