Is there a cheap USB Compliant Class Audio?

I’ve been using my Analog Heat MKII in the end chain of a live music set up. I really like being able to record directly to my iPhone without having to plug TR/TRS cables.

I just recently purchased a Boum and I would like this to be the end chain but the Boum does not have USB audio. Having said that the Analog Heat MKII and other similar devices are not perfect.

Problems with the Heat. Level output can be low and have to pump this up and limit in Ableton. Problem with something like a Zoom H6N, getting the incoming levels right can be tedious especially when recording things in stereo.

Just wondering if there is a cheap device that one could put at the end of a chain, that would add no colour, and would allow for USB audio?

RME Babyface


RME Babyface is $1k :cry: I feel like there has to be something else cheaper/better out there…

Better, or cheaper?

Pretty sure the little B* audio interfaces that sell for less than $50 are class compliant, but are unlikely to be better than an RME.

Edit: The MOTU M series is technically class compliant, but a huge pain in the butt on Linux. Seems to be fine with iOS though.

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I guess the reasoning here is why not just buy a Digitone or Digitakt or another sub $1k instrument w/ USB audio and get the mix from their?

That way you get an instrument and USB audio?

I’ll need to do more Research on Babyface to know why it’s $1k.

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I use Iconnect Audio4+ and its very good one.Powers the ipad/phone too.Anyway found this-

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What’s your budget?

You definitely DON’T need a Babyface for this. Don’t get me wrong, anything from RME is going to be class (very good converters, good preamps, great feature sets, best drivers & support in the business), but for what you want to do, a simple class compliant interface with stereo line ins will do.

Anything entry level from Presonus, Focusrite, Steinberg, Tascam or even Behringer (grrr) will do.

Now if you’re looking for very good conversion, that’s a different story, but even then, none of the above mentioned devices are bad, just not as good as a babyface or an apollo twin (but also 1/10th of the price).

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Back when I was more in the box, I had the Virus TI2, A4 Mk1 and UltraNova. But my FireWire MOTU 828mk2 always just worked with my Mac. A4 was pretty good, and the Virus and UktraNova were nothing but trouble as audio interfaces.

Now I mostly record straight into my Sony M10 or Canon M6. I’ll probably get an RME when I upgrade to a M1 Mac and have studio space to incorporate that into my setup.

Cheaper is better. I already have invested into some ‘serious’ mixing gear (Xone 96), but the output possibilities are lacking. I also try to keep things analog as possible until I have to go ITB.

Ooops, if I see cheap, I mostly ignore because it means buy twice in my book. :wink: :blush:


Can’t get much cheaper than $10.

(I have one of the B* interfaces from this series in a box somewhere. For $10, it’s useful to have around for an emergency)

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Trueeeeeeee. But let’s be real… sure I can spend $1k on this, or I could spend $10k, hell I could probably spend $30k. The people listening to my tunes will not care. Didn’t Blawan spend like $25k on his converter? The truth is probably always going to be buying twice.


then just get the Babyface :stuck_out_tongue: or post a screenshot of your bank account balance so we can decide what’s best for your budget – you can’t afford it, if you can’t buy it twice.


This is awesomely close but not enough bit depth probably good as a fail-safe backup. Need more bits need to be able to handle 32 bit/96kHz so my Xone 96 doesn’t get muddled by subpar digital conversion. I know it sounds snobby but here we are, 2021.

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is used an option? you can pick up motu ultralite mk4’s fairly cheap.

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Pretty sure you don’t need 32bit recording.


That’s an important update to your requirements!

I’d guess that ~$300-$600 is the right ballpark budget for a “cheap” interface that can do 32/96. Realistically, you are unlikely to need more than 24 bits, as that’s more resolution than any ADC is capable of making use of.

32 bit is mainly useful for field recording where you ignore levels and then normalize in post. Sort of the audio version of HDR photography.


I’d have thought an audio interface and iOS device would be more hassle than a Zoom or Tascam handheld recorder? They’re one device, rather than two, fewer cables, long battery life. If do a trial run at home, you can match levels from the Xone to the recorder input in like 5mins, and then it’ll be really close when you’re out live. (Most of them are audio interfaces, too… although I don’t know about class compliance. I think my Tascam DR44 is class compliant).

FWIW, the MOTU M2 does 24/192khz for < $200. Or a little bit more for the M4.

These should be just fine under iOS/MacOS. They are far from fine under Linux. :innocent: