Is there a decent EQ controller?

Clicking and dragging feels like a divide from the sound- EQ is quintessential to production, so it might be worth it to have a little Blofeld sized/shaped controller/software-duo to dial in the right EQ settings for each track. Surely that’s a market that’s been tapped into?

Not inexpensive though!

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Shoot- 4 bands(but controls compressor too…I don’t reckon it would come with their software?

Maybe Native Instruments will come out with some production-based controllers?

It’s a package of controller and SSL channel strip emulation, they have other emulations too that plugin into it. No doubt it sounds good like all the other Softube stuff.


Ah! I’m unfamiliar with them! I’ll give it a deeper look into! Thanks!

Shame about the lack of integration wih all DAWs except sonar and studio one

Has there been any official word on this? Id love something like this but im pretty firm on using logic, Tried to give ableton a spin but it felt pointless learning where everything is again. Im pretty happy with logic

New Faderfox MX12/PC12 modules.
Not exactly Blofeld size … rather aehm … exact Elektron size :slight_smile:

For Blofeld size you could try Faderfox PC4

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