Is there a way to bookmark or favorite sounds on Digitone or Digitakt? (Solved)

Essentially what the title says. I’ve put search queries into google and elektronauts but to no avail. I’m assuming the answer is no, but just curious of any workarounds. (other than of course just memorizing them or writing them down)

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Add a Fav tag.


Give them some sort of character ( like a # for example.) These numeric characters usually end up at the top of the list in an Alphabetical order. This way they’re always first in the list for you to grab. I’m not 100% positive this works for sounds specifically, but it’s what I do with my recordings.


yes, a sound can have multiple tags, which can be searched/filtered by in the soundbrowser… search for tags in the manual.

also check out the sound pool, it gives you 128 sounds which can quickly be sound locked…


Duh… the tags! Not sure why that didn’t cross my mind. Thank you all.