Is there a way to monitor USB audio IN?

Dear fellow Elektronauts,

New Digitakt user here.
I have my DT connected via USB to a Mac in Overbridge (Core Audio) mode.
I also have an iPad connected to the Mac, generating audio which is being fed back to the Mac over it’s USB connection and then to USB IN of the DT using Loopback.
(There is no DAW involved.)
I’m listening/recording DT output via the Mac.

I have verified that DT is receiving audio, I am able to sample from USB L+R.

I would like to be able to monitor this audio together with the DT’s tracks.
Perhaps I’m missing an obvious setting so please excuse my ignorance: is there a way to monitor USB audio ?

Ok well I figured it out for myself, I wasn’t hearing USB IN because I was monitoring USB OUT from my Mac and apparently USB IN isn’t mixed into the outgoing audio (correct me if I’m wrong !) Plugging my headphones into the DT’s jack allows me to hear incoming USB audio.
OS 1.3 added mixing/effects of external audio but apparently only for the input jacks, not USB audio. (Again, correct me if I’m wrong !)

No proper mixing/FX. You can boost the USB signal in the settings menu in steps between 0dB and +18dB but that’s more for getting a rough balance. See section 15.5.4 on p68 of the manual.

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