Is there a way to unmute tracks without pads? Urgent!

My armk1 went to Sweden for repairs and somehow gotten worse than before, and now half the pads won’t react to strikes or mute / unmute. Is there a way to unmute tracks without the pads?
Urgent, I have a concert in a couple of hours


Scenes / Performance don’t work either? Set to AMP vol?

Well some tracks that are crucial are muted and I can’t unmute them. So no deal with the scenes and performances :confused:

Do you have a backup?

Seems like there might be an unresolved issue with this:

Unfortunately the only solutions in that topic seem to be making a new project or performing a factory reset. :frowning:

Omfg are you saying they are stuck muted? That’s nuts. Power recycle? Then test scene / perf?

Do you have any kind of midi controller?

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Maybe you have some tracks solo’d? Try to send solo / mute CC’s from a DAW. I believe they are CC 94 (mute) and CC 93 (solo)

Or this maybe - AK Permanent track mutes issue - Update on how to fix it!

Tl;dr: save the project and try again.

thanks for all the suggestions, no solution yet. creating a new project doesn’t fix it, saving neither. it’s gotten worse, only five pads now react to mutes & unmutes. some of them do trigger in play mode (one, actually, sd 2), but the rest give no sign of reacting to strikes. all work fine in performance mode, to give a final wth.

Try a soft solution (DAW MIDI CC’s) to see if it’s a hardware issue or not.

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unmutes work if i send midi cc.
did it with the OT, will program some performance macros for muting / unmuting via amp vol as a solution for tonight.
thanks everybody!