Is there anyone on YouTube as fast as Dataline with the button presses on Elektron gear?

Curious if there are any other crazy fast Elektron users out there. Always blows my mind to see his videos.

I’ve seen a couple, wouldn’t be able to link them though without digging. Someone linked me one before I got OT, I’ll try and find it. You’ve got to remember though cenk isn’t human, he’s an AI developed by elektron based on machine learning algorithms that scan elektronauts all day, most likely won’t reach that level


You have to practice with these machines in order to use them like that. Cenk knows these devices to the point that he is going on muscle memory much like a trained pianist or musician. You have to jam with these things for hours to get to that point. Daedalus is like that with the Monome. Jeremy Ellis and Aarabmusik are like that with the MPC. And so on. Give it time and patience, and enjoy the process of getting to know these machines! The reward of such an approach is obvious :slight_smile:


Xuiqen have some weird, psychedelic sleight of hand going on in their videos… it’s trippy. check it:


I think it looks stupid.
no need.
looks too much like a workout.

eh, but each to their own.

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How does it sound to you though… do you like the sound, or is it too busy, active-sounding / anxious etc?

Not really … too much going on.

When the speed/fluency is there AND it sounds awesome too I can get into it and it can be beautiful to watch in exactly the same way as seeing a virtuoso on a more traditional instrument or a turntablist etc, BUT when the hand flourishing is really the only thing it looks super lame to me. Dataline is a ninja though! I think a certain amount of restraint is required or it can sound a bit disjointed and have no flow.

It can be very satisfying to gain mastery of the gear, and really the only way to get that good is to practice lots and have a natural aptitude for it.


Not the fastest – but speedy for sure. All left hand!

This is a custom layout.
The interface layout and ergonomics can be a large help, Elektron has been improving theirs all along; and now with the MkII interface changes help even more.

I just watched a ton of Awesome Games Done Quick (video game speed runs charity event) over the weekend. I was kind of fascinated by the memorization, exploration, and deep knowledge of a platform’s flaws required to get a good time in, say, Legend of Zelda. Reminds me a lot of being an electronic musician.

I couldn’t help think we could do something similar for Elektron users. A 48-hour livestreamed jam where competitors must build a track as quickly as possible. And people donate for their favourites and the money goes to charity. :blush:

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Are they locking the performance macros on the Rytm? Is that a thing?!