Is there anyway to send program change messages from OT to change DT to specific patterns?

I usually use the normal Program Change method of syncing the DT to the OT so patter A01 will trigger A01 on DT and so on but ideally I would like to trigger patterns on the DT from my OT without having to have both always play the same pattern, is this possible?

Can I for example send pattern A01 on the OT with a program change message for say DT pattern B01 by sending PC number 16 from my OT and if so how???

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Anyone? :disappointed:

i think OT program changes are tied to Parts and the patterns that use them, and you can’t just send program changes on the fly. so if you disable the OT “send program change” thing (to decouple A01 on the OT having to match A01 on the DT), then the DT would respond to which ever program change was assigned to that OT MIDI track via the SRC page. this of course means you can only have 4 program changes per track in any given Bank.

if reading this made your brain hurt, believe me it was no fun to write either

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Thanks for that. Of course you are completely right and so I’d have so few PC per bank it wouldn’t be worth it. Another stoopid question on my part 🫣

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this annoys me - i loved they way i could send program changes per-step on the Digitakt. was loads of fun making sequences for my SE-02 where each step triggered a different patch. one more for the Octatrack 3 wishlist i guess