Is there no acoustic open hi-hat in the factory samples?

Hello friends!

I just got a Digitakt and I figured I’d start by creating a simple acoustic kit. For the most part this has gone well, but I noticed that the factory samples don’t seem to include any acoustic open hi-hat samples, only closed hi-hats. Am I just overlooking something? I’m looking at samples in the +Drive under /Factory/Drums/Acoustic/. I’ve gone through all five folders in there.


Welcome to the forum. It’s been a while since I had DT so can’t remember what the factory content included. But, why not curate your own samples collection or sample something off YouTube via the included USB cable? It’ll also teach you a little bit more about your new machine at the same time :slight_smile:

No, I didn’t find one either! As said, easy enough to add one though. Search free drum samples around to get you going.

Thanks for checking and confirming! Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t making newbie mistake. I’ll totally just grab a sample from somewhere