Is there something wrong with Eventide's H9/Space Hall algorithm?

Question for those of you with a Space or H9. When you turn up the modulation on the Hall algorithm, does it not introduce a fizzy, resonant, harmonic noise when you play midrange sounds? It almost sounds like a bit reduction effect. It is particularly noticeable to me with 100% wet signal, when the High knob is down and the Contour and FxMix knobs are up. Turning modulation all the way down removes the noise, but without the modulation the Hall algorithm is very very flat, so it’s kind of necessary.

Are you able to hear the same thing I’m hearing?

I can’t unhear it, it comes and goes in volume but it’s always there when the modulation is applied - and no it’s not the sound of the modulation itself, unless the modulation is designed to actually introduce distorted noise that as far as I can tell sits on top of the reverb and isn’t affected.

It’s a shame because the Hall is otherwise the most useful and versatile algorithm for the Space!

Waiting to hear back from Eventide support at the moment (and yes I’ve tried all the obvious variables: instrument, power supply, audio cables, firmware, factory settings etc.)

Examples going from dry to wet, to wet with modulation:

Let me know if you can hear this sound :slight_smile:

I don’t own the unit but I can hear what you mean. Is it clipping possibly? And with those specific settings you mentioned, it’s overloading that particular part of the frequency spectrum?

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Thanks very much for your reply! Good thinking but no it’s not clipping, there’s quite a lot of headroom. I tried to emulate it with a couple of other reverbs and even with pretty extreme EQing I can’t get those frequencies to resonate like they do in those examples. Unless there’s something wrong with my unit it might just be a flaw of the algorithm, pretty disappointing for such a high-end piece of gear (well, for a bedroom producer). Will update this thread when Eventide get back to me

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Not sure if I get what you mean, because even in your soundcloud example I can’t really hear anything unusual. Sounds very much like I’d imagine a hall reverb to sound like.

I did a quick test on my H9 and I can hear how the tail is smeared and swirled when I crank up the mod level, but again nothing unusual for me there…

Maybe I just don’t recognize what you mean…could you maybe try to further explain?

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…really sure u don’t run the inputs too hot…?

while the defenitly good oversampling rates of eventide gear are trying their best to smooth that out…?

and even if not…i know how it is, once u hear something that bugs u out and u can’t let go…
but from outside perspective, it remains a really nice tail in space and time…

so u might consider focus on other stuff for a while, so that feel off odd can rest and ur perspective can change…might bother u no more once u return to it…

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Internal clipping maybe.

Played with the H9 modulation setting and didn’t get any fizzy tails. Having the High damp open and Resonance maxed out did accentuate the tail more than I’d ever want, but didn’t really introduce random artefacts or anything fizzy.

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Would you please listen to the second and third examples? Using headphones and at a decent volume (not a stupidly high volume to nitpick out tiny flaws but a reasonable listening volume), and note where I’ve commented when the modulation is introduced. Can you hear it then, or am I really imagining it? Sorry I can’t describe it better it’s a quite a unique noise. Fizzy, rattling resonance, almost like a monotonous spring reverb rattle (but not in a nice way).

Thanks very much for checking I really appreciate it! Still waiting to hear back from Eventide.

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I’m only just lighting up the ‘Signal Present LED’ and nowhere near lighting up the Peak LED so I really don’t think the signal is too hot, unless something weird is going on internally.

Thank you for your understanding! I’m not letting it ruin the pedal for me, but I am a bit disappointed, and now that my ears recognise the sound, even a little bit of modulation an with relatively subtle settings I can still hear it occasionally, which is enough to really spoil the magic for me.

…well, as said…let go for now…otherwise that hiss gets louder and LOUDER for u…

…if inputindicator does’nt even get near to red, a too hot input is not causing this…

…all this eventide pedals got one common problem…
all internal chip power goes for the overall sonic beauty of it…

which leads to the problem, they “only” sound delicious within fixed settings…so u never can use them as instruments on their own, so that u could twiddle on the fly with any parmeter…
u always hear small “steps” and artefacts while/during actually changing parameters…

I think I hear what you mean…it’s especially noticable in the second and third example you posted. Sounds distorted almost in an unpleasant way (?), maybe indeed clipping?

I tried with a similar arp sound and similar reverb sound (approximated ofc) and then with various settings on the H9 hall algo.
I can’t get my H9 to sound like this.

That said, I’m not entirely sure what’s happening, probaply best to wait for what the Eventide support has to say…

I have input gain and output level set to 0, instrument type should not do anything on the hall algo.

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