Is this an original SPS-1UW MKI power supply?

it’s not labelled, but is made in Germany

edit- several people say yes :slight_smile:

i bought the md 2nd hand so have no idea …

it doesn’t look like, don’t have a MD but all the PSUs i’ve got from Elektron are all branded with their name/logo and are far from being like the one you’ve got there


Though if it s the right specs, then I wouldn’t worry about it.

At least, it’s the same as my MD SPS-1 (Original Machinedrum).

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I can confirm is an original one it’s exactly the same that came new with my MDUW MKI

It’s heavy and bulky but really good build quality if the plug fails you can open and replace it or repair in case


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This is equal to my first MD SPS1, years ago - i don’t have it anymore to check the specs but at least i can verify the formfactor for sure.

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