Is this Analogue Four keyboard slow?

Hi everyone! Hope you’re good. I’ve just got an Analogue Four MkII. Exciting times! I have bought it second hand - however it’s only been used a few times so should in theory be in perfect condition.

I have noticed that when I use the keyboard to trigger notes - notes are missed when I play fairly quickly. Please see the attached videos - one with a bass patch and one Init. Is this normal for the A4 MK2? (when I trigger notes with my external Arturia MIDI keyboard - it’s totally fine and perfectly responsive)

vid 1
vid 2

Thanks a lot


n o need to look at the videos, this will be entirely normal, you are just coming up against the hurdle of a step sequencer’s resolution

so in theory, if you ramp up the tempo and play teh same phrase, you’ll capture more on teh playing nuance - but at the end of the day, it can only store sixteen events per bar - and whilst the relative track rates can be slowed and sped up - you are always limited to 64 notes per track - unless you chain tracks

step sequencers are not like daws or linear sequencers - you only have so many spots to land, so you can’t capture all 64 events on a track in the first quarter, it is spread out evenly, plus or minus about 1/64th, so there is a bit of latitude to a window, but not much

either way it sounds (and no doubt is) completely normal, this is the way they are and will be, it’s your job to adapt or swap sequencers

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I have found that playing keys at any level of skill is wasted on an Elektron sequencer and dropped notes are to be expected.

Use live record to get the gist in then go in and manually fix it. It’s silly but that’s just how it is when you’re using a drum machine paradigm for everything.

OP is not recording anything, just tapping the mini keys realtime and getting a lag. They also fail to respond at all on many presses.

@mrsdoubtfire i’d contact Elektron Support and see what they think.


my bad oops - don’t like offsite videos, it was the reference to fast playing which put me on autopilot

Thanks for the info both! Yes - the unit was not playing a sequence - just me hitting notes.

I’ll give support a try!

It feels to me like the internal processor can’t keep up or something! Weird how it only applies to the built in keyboard and not when I trigger it externally

Has anyone else ever had this issue?

Cheers again

never heard of that one ever - but i did have an issue where pressing 4 or more trigs would not always correctly toggle a trig or two, the timing for control input was tweaked and it all played nicely thereafter

if second hand i’d be more concerned about its history … but it won’t do any harm to backup everything you want and then do a factory reset, it may help

Also - be sure to unplug everything midi or usb whilst testing

And if not doing a reset, at least test in a new project

Thanks @avantronica

So far I’ve done a factory reset and tested without anything plugged in apart from audio cables - still getting the issue. I’ve also updated the os to latest version

The seller says it’s only been used 10 times or so and been in its box mainly. It’s in immaculate cosmetic condition - had the protective film on the screen etc

(also, for the test - I created a new empty kit in init state)

Cheers again

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It would be useful to test the ‘keys’ responsiveness in test mode

Hold Func on start and reboot - select 1 TEST MODE

then after report press all keys to compare responsiveness

it may be different in test mode and may point to whether it is a sticky key or a software issue

Cheers. Just tried it. Report said ‘0’ errors.

Although it doesn’t make sounds in this mode - it shows the key being pressed on screen. I’m just going by the on screen readout but seems the same a before with some fast presses being missed

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sounds like it may be needing a clean, or maybe the key caps are sticking on the chassis - speak to support to explore options in case it’s a good unit needing a little tlc (maybe a blast of compressed air)

Cheers. Cool - I’ve pinged them a message

The weird thing is - there’s no sense of them sticking or catching on the chassis. Also - so long as i press them slowly, the note always registers. Even if I press very gently!


Sorry to resurrect the thread but did you ever resolve this? I just got an ARMKII Black and I’m having the same issue. Actually all the buttons seem a little unreliable.