Is this track level?

if it is,then the pan parameter of amp page is after track level
a4 has a mini mixer of 7 track,4x synth voice track,1x FX return?(must not the send),2x audio input,that is a amazing design,but manual says too few word about the track level and mixer

and one important thing this architecture missing is 4x track audio out,where is those signal point,after level?stereo?mono?before or after send?
please answer these@elektron team

I’m not from the Elektron team, but I guess I can answer some of your questions, too.

Yes, that’s the track level (triangles in most cases visualize amplifiers). And, yes, it is before pan, because otherwise you would need two amplifiers.

What’s labeled “OUTPUT L / OUTPUT R” in the first diagram is a single individual out (which is stereo with pan preserved).


if those output are track out(i don think so,i thought those are main out put),how about there fx track?is there fx out port?
any way,there must be missing one of them,track out or main out

The first diagram (the one on the top of the page) is clearly labeled “SYNTH TRACKS 1-4”. So there are in essence 4x “OUTPUT L/R” which are (believe it or not) the individual outs.

There are internally 2x OUTPUT L/R from the FX track shown in the second diagram labeled “FX TRACK” (used to carry the input L/R amplified and panned to the mixer).

The main outs are not shown, because these are the outputs from the mixer which isn’t included as own diagram.

The mixer itself is simple (I guess that’s why it is left out). It mixes 9 stereo channels:

  • 4x OUTPUT L/R from the single voices
  • 2x OUTPUT L/R from the fx track (aka inputs amplified and panned)
  • 3x OUTPUT L/R from the send effects (chorus/delay/reverb)

That’s it. The only thing that’s still missing are the Overbridge connections which are described in the documentation of Overbridge.

Any further questions?

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amazing explanation!clearly!thank you very much!
i think elektron team should including mixer to the diagram

and what are these 3 amp of fx?looks like not at send point,must be return,so

is it?am i right?

I don’t think so. My guess is that FX slider controls only the forwarded inputs (see FX track diagram) and the amplifiers after each effect are controlled by the volume setting of the corresponding effect.

Should be easily testable …