Is turbomidi (TM-1) working / worth it?


just got a MD mk2 and there´s some small sync problems - not much but still i´d like to tighten it up a bit if i can.
This is purely between machines, i use Deluge as sequencer, and have at this moment besides it my MD mk2, monomachine mk2, and a blofeld keyboard.
If/when i go ITB or switch back to ableton i have a Innerclock Sync-Gen 2 to tighten everything up, but it´s not useable with my current setup.

So, is the turbomidi-interface worth it? Does it work, and make a difference in your opinion?

What is your set up?

What sync problems are you having?

Do you already have a TM-1?

Hi Peter,

relevant setup is something like this; Synthstrom Deluge as sequencer, midi out to Monomachine, thru to Machinedrum etc to Blofeld.

No, i don´t have the TM-1, hence the thread start - i´m trying to figure out if it´s worth buying and if it can help me. :slight_smile: Do you have the TM-1 yourself currently? If so, how does it work out for you?

The trouble i have is that i feel that the midi sync of my MD is not tight enough, there´s a slight lag or delay to the beats. I don´t use the internal sequencer of the MD, everything is controlled by the Deluge.

Any ideas?

I doubt that the TM-1 can be of much use to you. It’s a USB-MIDI interface designed to connect MIDI gear to a computer.

Also, I don’t think that the Deluge supports Elektron’s Turbo MIDI protocol.

I don’t have a Deluge, so I don’t know how tight it’s MIDI sequencing is.

Have you considered syncing the MD’s sequencer with that of the Deluge using MIDI clock?


Ok, that´s the information i was looking for, thanks.
I thought there was more function to it, that it could work in any setting and help out with midi sync, but i understand better now.

I guess next step is to try the internal sequencer and just trigger the clock from deluge instead; not a problem, i´m used to elektrons sequencers from before so it´s nog big deal for me.

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I think turbo midi is mostly to help transfer sysex data from computer to old elektron gear , like waveforms etc . I don’t have one , never used one , I tend to use the sequencer device to get much more out of it

You could try midi splitter to reduce possible delays on things at the end , helps avoid blofeld needing other gear.
I use them also to avoid needing to turn on all the equipment , you can streamline if you only want deluge and blofeld.


Ok, that also clarifies a lot. Perhaps there are different ways to tighten it up, possibly the MD is not so bad as i think, it´s just that it feels like a slight delay. But i will try to move stuff around in the midi chain and see what suits best. Possibly the MD should be first, after the deluge - or perhaps i can set the MD in top of the chain and trigger the other devices from it, that should help i think.
Yeah, a midi splitter could be good, right now the blofeld is in the far away end and to my knowledge that´s not optimal. I will see if i can find a good splitter or something similar!
Thanks a lot for your advice, i´ll get back to this thread with my findings. :slight_smile:

Hey pal, check out this link if you are semi curious:

The MD is known to not have the most stable of clocks. Perhaps if you incorporate other gear in this extensive list, you can set the most reliable one to master and go from there.

The best solution however which should definitely resolve any timing issue, is to consider purchasing sync box. It takes care of a lot of the frustration both in the studio and live. There are a number of options, a bit pricey but should definitely solve the problem: (cheaper than the SND below)

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Hi Nikarga,

i´m familiar with the MD´s “rumour” but still i decided to buy it, coz it´s so damn good and the issues i have with it is annoying but not too much.

I have an innerclock sync-gen 2 pro already and it works brilliant for tightening up everything when a DAW is involved so no worries there. It´s a great box and when i use Ableton or any other DAW i involve the beat is absolutely rock steady.

Though with my current OTB setup, using Deluge as sequencer, i can´t use it. Unfortunately it´s not made with an OTB setup in mind, i´m quite sure of that.
It´s connected to it´s software (a VST plugin inside the DAW) and without that, no function.

Perhaps there are other devices that can do similar job but stand-alone but so far i haven´t found any. The E-RM Multiclock is not very good, i had one before i got the Innerclock but it was pretty much worthless for me. Too bad, since it´s cheap!

I´ll check the link, i think i´ve seen that list before. The MD´s jitter is scary large, brr…
I´ll try different approaches, switch places and so like you mentioned, and make it the master perhaps. Or try the internal sequencer, to see if it´s better that way. I have a few things i can try.

It would be great if there was a quick fix, like just getting some device and problem solved but usually there´s no such thing and if it was it would not come cheap. I´ve already lost a bundle of cash when i got the Sync-Gen so i´d prefer to use what i have and buy stuff as a last resort. If i find some magic box i can of course sell my Sync-Gen, to fund the new one.

To be continued… :slight_smile:

I’m confused… The innerclock sync gen needs a VST or the Deluge to sequence external gear?? I am guessing you are referring to innerclock.
I haven’t used the Innerclock but an E-RM I used to have worked like a swiss watch… until I sold it when I received the Cirklon (which is tighter than any hardware I have ever used).

Indeed using the MD’s internal sequencer will reduce the jitter because it doesnt rely on external triggering…

There’s always SND ACME which is expensive but the King of standalone sync boxes.

Good luck!

Sorry, i guess i was unclear.
The innerclock sync-gen hardware device uses software - it´s own VST plugin - inside your DAW of choice, to communicate with the hardware. one cannot work without the other.
Ah… strange that the E-rm worked so good for you and not for me! I had mine for ages and then sold it crazy cheap just to get rid of it. :roll_eyes:

Well i think a solution will reveal itself eventually - it always does - hopefully more sooner than later. :slight_smile: Thanks for your help and input, much appreciated!

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expert sleepers have a couple modules that do the same thing (MIDI sync via audio pulse), and its a good bit cheaper than innerclock… unfortunately its hit or miss depending on your audio interface (some work some dont)

Yeah, you gotta have a few spare outputs for it to work i guess, same as the innerclock solution.
Thanks for the tip, i´ll check them out! Do you know if they work stand-alone?