Isolate Second half of sequence...?

Hello -

I have a 4 bar loop sequenced in Midi on OT. I would like to isolate individual sections. Is there a way in the scale setup page to move the start of the loop when making it shorter? Instead of moving the end, which seems to be the only way possible I can figure right now.

I know I can copy paste individual pages, and that is what I will do for now, but it would be cool if I could isolate bar 3 and 4 in the scale setup page just as easily as I can isolate 1 and 2. Maybe I can and I just need to be shown the light.

I also thought to just slide the sequence 2 bars left, and that is fine but I seem to only see the ability to slide one track at a time, which is so tedious. Is that right or am I just missing the right know how? I looked in the key combo section of the manual for a slide whole sequence a 16th + or -. I only see this option for the individual tracks.

Hope the question makes sense, let me know if I need o clarify.


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You can set starting and duration steps in the Arranger (as well as other great things as mutes, repeats and rests).

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thanks Dobermate but I want to have sequences i can manually navigate between, copying is workning yet tedious :slight_smile:

Any one used Octa Edit? Can it do this?

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Work with chained 1 bar patterns?
(If you absolutely don’t want to work with Arranger).
I’d definitely use Arranger.


what @dobermate suggested is the answer to your query, the arranger isnt just a song mode but allows you to “manually navigate” between, loop and sequence whatever section from a pattern you’d like… actually look into the arranger and keep an open creative mind


How about this:

Copy to a new pattern, shift the pattern left the appropriate number of steps (by pressing shift and left arrow i think), now change the pattern length.

Shifting trigs works only per track, you can‘t shift the whole pattern at once, though.

Ahhh yeah, good point.