Issue/Bug? - A4 Note Doubling

Hi everyone, first post here. Just purchased the A4 and so far I’m loving it, in fact loved it so much I also got the AR. Just working through integrating them into my system and learning the ropes. Apologies if this has been asked before. I’ve been trawling the forums but can’t seem to find an answer.

I have an issue with note doubling on track 4 on the A4. Every time I trigger a note, either externally, via A4 keyboard or in the sequencer I’m getting a doubled note. Sounds like it has a delay with 0 feedback applied. I’ve checked my send FX, no delay or reverb applied. I have initialised the track, it still persists. I’ve set up a new project, it still persists. I’ve even routed external audio through channel 4 and it applied the doubling effect to that.

I’m currently running the A4 with overbridge enabled with Live 9 with latest firmware. I’ve also doubled checked that it wasn’t some sort of midi feedback loop. I’ve disabled midi output and Live doesn’t register any midi so I know it’s not that.

Anyone have any ideas I can try.



Is the ARP on? Second white button IIRC.

Otherwise, could it be MIDI weirdness? Maybe pull all MIDI and USB cables and see where it gets you.

Ran into this earlier today with Logic Pro X. Turned out the A4 was somehow set as the input AND output USB audio device, creating a feedback loop. Check to see if this is what’s going on in your DAW.

Hey Guys, thanks for your responses. Sorry I haven’t replied earlier, I’ve only just seen them.

Yes, I think I was wrong and it was a midi feedback loop. I haven’t sorted it yet as I’ve been messing with OB for for the AR.

I do know it’s a midi loop though as I can’t replicate when playing just with the hardware not connected to my DAW.

I will double check my midi routings.

Thanks for the help.