Issue while saving from RAM to ROM


i have an issue where i’m stuck and don’t know what to do (Machinedrum with UW+ drive)

I’ve set up a RAM-recording machine and a RAM-playback machine for internal resampling. I’m sampling a pattern of 2bar length. Settings on the RAM-recording machine are correct
(MLEV: 0, ILEV: -64, LEN: 127).

It works, i sample my pattern and have the full 2bar-length pattern in my RAM-playback machine, i can clearly hear it. Now i save it from RAM to ROM. I go to the sample manager, copy it from RAM, paste it to ROM. - Works.

Now… the saved sample to the ROM has always the length of only 1bar. - That’s my issue. It should have 2 bars but is always only 1 bar. I’ve tested it again and again…

Strange is, when i record an only 1bar-length pattern and save it, size ist 184k.
When i record my 2bar-length pattern, size doubled to 366k… - but when i assign it, it plays only 1 bar… it sounds weird but it seems like one half of my recorded pattern doesn’t get saved.

I rly need help here, i have no idea what’s going on.

Thx & greets.

Welcome to the forum!

Are you using ROM slots 1 to 24? What happens if you use ROM slots 25 to 48, which allow for 2 bar loops? (Manual, page A-15)

Hi & thanks for the really fast help… - It worked.

Read the manual back and forth… i can only see in the manual that vague hint that ROM-25 to ROM-48 operates slightly different (optimized for loops) but not more specified. - Didn’t know that.

Anyway, thanks a lot!

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