Issue with 404 mk2 and mpc1000

Sequenceing using another Sequencer

Anyone encounter this with their mk2 when using an other sequencer such as mpc1000.

Lets use bass drum sample on 404 for example.

I program a drum sequnce with mpc1000 jjos but occasionally the sound of the bass drum glitches out… almost distorts… but at random places in the sequence. Even if i replay and try to produce the glitch it almost never happens on the spot in the sequence?

Anyone experience this?

Using the sample to finger drum on both mpc and sp doesn’t cause this glitch or distorted sound. Using the the pattern sequencer in mk2 does not have any issues.


ah, yes….I’m familiar with it too……


mpc sorry hate typing on phones lol

Not tried sequencing the MK2 with an MPC 1000 but I sequenced an OG and SX a fair bit back in the day and never encountered this.

I’m wondering if the sample on the MK2 is randomly triggering at maximum velocity and is causing clipping?

You fixed it :frowning:

The velocity on the sample is 127 … which is max. You could be onto something. I have the same bd sample on to pads. To give a more humanized sound one is set to max velocity (which is the one giving me issues at 127 vel on the 404) The same verson on another pad is set to 80 vel on the 404. But why the random clipping? next week I’ll give it go a go. Edit.

I stand corrected both samples are at 127… the same same sample. The one that distorts has more going on. As in it’s be used in the pattern more.

Just tested changing velocity to lower setting causes it to glitch. It seems to happen when the pattern is more complex

Weird… By any chance are do you MIDI CCs to the SP? I’m thinking maybe the volume is being automated something.

no just clock… mmc is off… frame rate 25

but why is it just the bass drum? I’m using the exact same sample in as lower volume kick