Issue with pads: completely different pressure responses, really unresponsive

I’m really worried with the pads of my Analog Rytm. They are working pretty bad. :confused: The top row (CH, OH, CY and CB) are fine, but the other ones are really unresponsive in different degrees, SN being the worst by far. By testing in the performance mode, I need to press them really really hard to achieve the same velocity and it seems that the bottom row never reaches the max value.

I’ve made a small video showing it and had already opened a support ticket. But as it will only be answered after june 7 and I’m extremely anxious about it, I decided to post it here to see if any of you have gone through the same issue. If so, is there any hope?!

Just a side note: I know that Rytm’s pads are known for being too stiff. And to be honest I always thought that that was the problem. But just realised now that there is some issue going on.

How long have you got your AR ?
It took mine months to become more playable…

Most of the time I use two fingers to have the right strength. AR pads are not MPC’s, people say.

It already has a couple years. And the thing isn’t that it is hard o play: in performance mode, as hard as I press the SN button, it never gets to the full value. Something is clearly wrong. :confused:

Obviously, indeed…

should I give up all hope? :scream:

This is a case where the value of Elektron’s three-year warranty will hopefully be highlighted. Hope it gets resolved for you after the weekend.

Hi, Peter. Yes, I’m thinking that the solution will be to send them the device. The 3 year warranty is great, but I’m just worried because I live in Brazil and the machine was brought to me by a friend. Well, let’s see how it will unfold after Wednesday!