Issues recording MIDI from DN to OT

After a year of not having an OT, I just got a MKII last night. I have a ton of cool stuff I’ve sequenced on the Digitone that I’d like to record into the MIDI tracks of the Octatrack so that I can use the DN more as a sound module driven by the OT. I have my MIDI 1-4 tracks on the OT set to channels 11-14, and I have my DN MIDI channels set to send out on the same. When I hit play on the DN and then arm record on the OT, whether or not any MIDI is recorded is hit or miss. Sometimes, tracks 1 and 4 record. Sometimes, tracks 2 and 3 record. Sometimes, none of them record. And sometimes, they record the wrong things. How can I easily get about 20 patterns worth of material transferred over to the OT’s MIDI tracks?

So you want to record your DN midi onto the OT.
Have you tried recording just one track at a time? And is direct control turned off?

Im not sure if OT can record on 4 midi channels at once.

I use my OT to sequence my DN, and yes, just use DN as a sound module. Personally I think it rules. 5 LFOs per track… yes please.

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I’ll try one at a time. Ugh. Thats gonna take forever. Haha.

I guess there’s no way to have the audio tracks of the DN send MIDI out like the OT can do, right? Copying this shit over for every single pattern is murder.

Even if there is some way you would loose all the “internal only” stuff (which makes the Elektron sequencer so special) like plocks, sound locks, conditional trigs etc.pp. All of this cannot be mapped to external MIDI.

IMHO its not worth the effort.

Well. You have a sampler staring you in the face. Sample your 20 patterns. Store those for later use. Start anew with OT as the sequencer for DN.

you must let go of that which you fear to lose

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Yes. I know. And since I’m not using p-locks on these things, it is totally 100% worth the effort.

Haha. Thanks, dad. You’re not wrong, you’re just… ugh… never mind. I got the ones I really wanted to save and I’ll rewrite everything else.