It's broken

Since installing OB, my A4 is giving very fluctuating reading when synced to MIDI clock. I am using Ableton Live 9 but not the OB plugin, and all the settings in the A4 are correct (they are what they always are).
So, my only MIDI to CV interface is now unusable. My Metropolis sequencer just starts and stops erratically.
Any way I can completely wipe OB off my computer and see if it’s going to work ? It would be nice to go back in time, had I known it would f*ck things up this badly.

EDIT : please move this to the right sub forum, I apologise for the mis placement of this thread !

Can you not just re-install the last stable OS on your A4?

Does it do the same thing when not connected to Live?

I could, which would defeat the point of joining the beta for Overbridge. But I suppose you’re right. See you later, Overbridge !

hey secretmusic … overbridge just asked me to tell you, she is looking forward to seeing you again, after she has matured beyond puberty and is ready to take on 2 plugs at the same time!