Jamuary 2020 - any plans?

January 2020 is right around the corner.

That means #jamuary (#jamuary2020) and the challenge to share a daily jam.

Are you planning to participate? And any plans for special gear?

It’s a good opportunity to focus on a few instruments - maybe to learn a new one?

My plan is to focus on the A4 and OP-1 and maybe a Machinedrum-jam or two. I will be happy if I can create something every third day or so :slight_smile:



I am going to join in this year, no plan yet. Thanks for the reminder though.

Need an outlet, do not want to go IG route so it’s making a soundcloud account youtube or tiktok maybe. not sure about doing video, might be too much work and it s about the ears and heart for me.


I am all in! But not sure If it will be a Video each time, either.


Tempted to sell everything …


Resetting is sometimes what a human needs, freeing up mental and physical space.


One last jam on every synth you own, and use that as a sales ad in January.

…or wait for #selltember




Got that for ya! Ha


Your planning is inspiring me. I think I’ll do an insta videos everyday.
1 day a week I’ll use just the AK, on the rest of the days DT.

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Thanks. Did not want to take it that far :wink:

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I was thinking to join in on #jamuary next month. Just got a Peak so thought it might be cool to learn it by making a new patch every day and doing a short jam with it :slight_smile: Maybe throw in a beat on OT or a guitar based thing on occation.
I’ll probably share them on IG stories.

Can someone please explain the concept? I dunno, sounds like so much work?!

I did it last year and it took a good amount of time. Just doing the tracks and uploading the music was time consuming. Fun as hell though. Probably won’t do Jamuary this year because I’m wrapping up my next project and gave myself until Jan. 23 to finish it up. Good luck Nauts!


Definitely in for 31 days again this year.
Last year I posted 1minute of content to IG every day; plan to do the same, but maybe also livestream the making of?


Impresive! What is your Instagram?

No plans for me… I am intending to February Album Writing Month though. Digitone and MinilogueXD only for some tedious concept album…

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Probably buy more stuff and not actually use it, as always.


I was seriously considering taking part in Jamuary but I’m concerned that doing so will just add more incomplete ideas to my collection. Instead I’m planning on finishing at least one track!


tbd where I might stream

Did it a couple years ago and learned a lot. My music got better. I’m in this year!


I have made a Soundcloud account. I won’t post a lot for Jamuary, it’s not possible, I will be travelling too much, meeting family and friends I have not seen a few years, … good for song writing ideas as emotions and nostalgia will be there in abundance.

What I will do is prepare for February - Album Writing month. I am actually not that good in making tracks or music … but I have to get over it and make stuff to get better … and then work on the points that need it the most. Damn it Tony - slacker - just do it, you want this to happen.