Jokkmokk - Opale

Hello everybody!

My friend and me have been making music since a few years now under the name of Jokkmokk and we are happy to announce that we will be releasing our first album “Opale” in september. Our music is a blend of electronic inspirations (we listen to a lot of Four Tet, Floating Points, Daniel Avery and Dark Sky among others) and our roots in playing live instruments (we play guitar and bass). We try to write lively songs that have cinematic progressions and love experimenting with new sounds.

Here is the first single from that album that is the most dancefloor oriented track on it, and definitely one of the more electronic ones. It is build around a melody written on the Madrona Labs Kaivo and a bridge made by playing with the Digitone arp going through a tape delay pedal.

Hope you like it!


Hello there!
Super happy to share this music video for Opale with you!


Love it!

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Love basically everything about this. Great melody (+detuning towards the end). Nice shuffly percussion (can hear KH in there). And top vid… Cool how it’s pulsing in time later on!

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Thank you so much @Valdto and @kairos ! Indeed mr Hebden is a big influence on us, the detuning comes from playing with a Space Echo pedal on the melody, you can have so much fun with these kinds of delays :slight_smile:
And yeah, I don’t know how she does it to find videos that synchronize so well with audio, she has a great feeling for it. She made a video for a Run the Jewels track that creates exactly the same sensation:


Hey everybody, here’s a new track called Canopée!

Second single from our upcoming album, this track is a joyful instrumental focused on a light acoustic guitar melody following a rich chord progression in a first part, building an ethereal and hypnotic ambiance. The track then switches do a more upbeat second part where a groovy bassline and acoustic drums support a jumping and warm guitar solo.

That’s the pitch I sent to Spotify anyway :slight_smile:

Hope you like it!

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Hello to all of you! Our album is finally out! I’m so excited :slight_smile:
Would love to know what you think of it!

Cheers and a good day to you!

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Here’s a little live video we made for those of you who want to know what we look like :slight_smile:

Finally, the full live set, hope you like it!

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this is exceptional.

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really nice! wishlisted for a next bandcamp-friday

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Awesome! Thanks a lot @nilsec and @Snafoo!!