Jomox MBase 11 Ctrlr Panel

A couple of week ago I mocked up Mbase panel for quicker editing. Not perfect but works fairly well for dialling core parameters. Did not have time nor know how to implement SYSEX to save/load patches in Ctrlr but here it is.

JoMoX MBase 11 2021-02-25.bpanelz (70.9 KB)


This is super cool, thank you for sharing!

I just got oneā€¦ Probably going to make an Electra one preset for it when I have time

Possibly it would be a good idea if we could use this thread to share presets.

Wow, great!
Until now i use this Max4Live editor:

which has not the ability to change LFO waveform. how did you do this as this is not controlable via midi cc, afaik

there is a dedicated midi cc in the spec for it. ideally i would like to work out how to save and load patches and recall knobs state from a patch. i think it is doable but i have limited experience with ctrlr. as i said it is a quick mock up.

You need to be able to parse sysex, I think, but if it can, you should be good.

it can. it is more to do with how to link it with file management etc. anyways i have currently no time to look into it. if i would, iā€™d rather make an actual vst plug.

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Thanks for your answer, but no i could not find any LFO Waveform cc in the manual.

Could you point me in the direction?

Yes, the max editor is so useful for me as it remembers the parameters on project startup and send them to the mbase - total recall. In Live 11 i mapped all 16 parameters to macros and now have kind of a preset system integrated in the live device with the new macro snapshots - veeery useful for an mbase preset system.

possibly i have derived this info from elsewhere, regardless if you open the attached panel you should be able to retrieve the cc info from the project.