Jomox Moonwind

anyone here have one?
or ever used one?

it looks and sounds pretty sick…

What’s up with this piece. There are zero good reviews or demos. Why no love for Jomox’s Moonwind?

Always wanted one, never felt like shilling out the money for it though.

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Yeah, you can find deals on them now though. It doesn’t appear the filters can be overdriven, but it’s nice that it has reverb and a bitcrusher in its effect algorithms. I’m curious how nice the delay can sound in conjunction with it’s analog signal path. I want to hear more of the feedback as well. From the demos available, I don’t have a good idea of what this is capable of.

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Only about $600. Looks new

It will be new unless declared ‘B Stock’ from Juno. They’ll also give you a further discount if you click ‘Click here for a better price’ because Juno are the best

I have a T-res and it’s cool. This looks like a pimped up, less erratic version of that. Want one now.

You’re kidding me, I couldn’t imagine a better price. I was looking around at some of their stock and it seemed in the realm of “this is a scam”

They are fantastic. I get everything from them. They are no scam, they have a shop in London.

where is this “click here for a bettter price”?

Also, I’m concerned about power supplies. I’m in the States, will the gear come with a European power supply?

Only appears for UK customers.

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Looks like it isn’t available on that item, it sometimes isn’t - that’s obviously as low as they can go on that.

All Jomox stuff comes with an EU power supply. I have to use an adapter in the Uk - you may need a voltage converter in the US

I’ve seen some things it doesn’t appear on in the UK. Though perhaps they were low price items.

It doesn’t appear for me on the Moonwind and I’m in the Uk

Yeah, at around $600, this thing seems a lot more tempting. I’m not a huge fan of the size, but its filters should sound much nicer than Elektron’s. I can see myself liking the notch filters in combination with the decimator & reverb on this.

I’m wondering if the filters can be overdriven by pushing the levels.