Jonwayne drops into r/elektron with some octatrack hip-hop

Not only. As you push me to say more, I find this video excerpt boring musically too. Do I have to continue to justify myself ?


:laughing: Not at all, sorry for pulling things off topic - no ill feelings meant.

Importantly if he wants a modern DJ setup he needs 4 Octatracks.


Everyone relax, no harm done here. It’s OK to have a few differing opinions! No need for it to descend into aggression!

We can all agree - the more Octatracks the better!


just hug it out man… hug it out :grin:


I’ve been enjoying Jon’s Octatrack vids and had thought about sharing here as hadn’t seen mention. It’s testament to the myriad ways that people can approach this instrument that, yeah, while he isn’t making my kind of sounds, clearly knows how to get what he wants from it, delivers his process in a really enjoyable and positive way and expresses real love and respect for the sample sources.

Chill octa-hangs is what I want sometimes, don’t need my mind blown at all times (just sometimes!).


Thanks for sharing @ki_cz3d. I wasn’t aware of Jonwayne’s YouTube and Twitch channels until now. As a very recent Octatrack adopter, I’m binge watching tutorials so these have now been added to my playlists. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Through his streams (think it was the Bladerunner one, which is one of the most fire beats I’ve heard in ages), he taught me something that despite years of noodling around making beats, and it now seeming blindingly obvious, wasn’t part of my workflow.

First he made all his chops (very detailed selection of microchops)
Then laid down drums
The laid out samples

Now the thing he did differently to what I’ve always tried to do, was once his drums were laid and tight, he microtimed/pushed the samples around to fit and make the groove just right. For some reason it had always been my instinct to move drums around, and the success of that varied - sometimes fine. But I’ve been having more joy since I considered this advice and leave the drums alone :slight_smile:


I’d almost revised my post above to include a link to that episode—

I also really liked that beat (the depth of that Vangelis arrangement!), and the process explanation was really accessible to me as a beginner. I don’t have an Octa, but feel inspired to work in a similar way (which is, uhhh… making beats I guess) with the Digitakt + Syntakt.


Hey, everyone. I like to lurk here to keep up with the community and see what else I can learn from everyone here…lo and behold a topic with my name on it! Kind of a trip.

I created an account because man if I could do this with one OT I would love to do that. Can you fill me in?

I like to create one beat per project so is there a way that I could fuse projects together in order to create in the OT transitions? This was part of a larger 2 hour set so I imagine we’d be running into memory issues for that but even for a 2 song transition, can you fuse different projects into one? Thanks.



You’re taking all the wrong lessons from this thread Jon, you need more Octatracks!


You don’t get commission from the company, do you? Hah…I was thinking about it to replace the mk I…


Off topic: as a professional youtube surfer and connaisseur I believe you are the Marlow Digs of the OT :grinning:


Thanks for saying that. He makes good videos. My editor and I are still looking for a decent way to get the footage over to him without the frame rate issues we’ve been getting lately. They’re edited VODs from Twitch so it’s tricky.


have you dug into ‘parts?’

that would be an easy way to understand having 4 tracks ‘in the queue,’ so to speak.

there are other ways, too, with banks and sample locks, but if you looked at parts like that you’d see some maximizing results from each OT

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I was shocked to learn he was using one camera, but I wasn’t talking about your visual. I meant to say although you have different styles, I like the destinations chosen by your ‘travel agencies’. Great trips, always.

Some of the beats I loved the most on Marlow’s channel were produced on his friend’s Rytm MKII.

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Yeah I’ve dabbled with Parts but not too in depth. Can you export parts and import them into other projects and, if so, do Parts share the same Sample Pool? Some of these songs were made years apart so it’s not like I’m making my sets in chronological order. If doing it this way would require these beats to be made with the intention that I would switch between them in this way it wouldn’t really work for me. Thanks for offering your time


we gotta call the maestro, @sezare56, back in here. they know what’s up

i’ll find a link in my bookmarks and get back here. there’s a dj tutorial for octatrack that blew my noggin open


I’m still learning myself (on my 3rd OT lmao) but could you not do one of these?

  • Export Stems from beats, load them into one project so you can use parts to crossfade between sections of beats. This would allow you to have:
  1. T1 drums
  2. T2 bass
  3. T3 melody
  4. T5 drums 2
  5. T6 bass 2
    Etc. Scenes will allow you to use FX and fade between stems

Otherwise, parts lock the samples and you can have 4 parts on a bank. I use a part per beat, so 4 beats per bank. Rarely need 4 patterns for a track. You could have 4 songs on a bank and use the record buffer to transition between beats

Oh man…bouncing stems just to bring them back in would take weeks at the volume we’re talking about and after all that I wouldn’t have the amount of control over the sounds that I do now. I have thought about exporting stems for a proper DJ project but in my opinion there’s something special about being able to alter the original project.