Jonwayne drops into r/elektron with some octatrack hip-hop

pretty cool and down to Earth way to show some beats/ideas:


This got me curious about his YouTube channel, which features some cool walkthroughs of beat-making, with some recent Octatrack ones.

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Not convincing video, a single Octatrack would do this…


I would think he uses two for more flexibility (e.g. tempo change).
Almost 10 years ago I watched this guy perform in a barge transformed into a concert place in Lyon. Amazing performer! He was using a SP404 at that time… None of his songs was substandard then.
I have a huge respect for him!
Even more if he’s performing live now with such a setup.


This wouldn’t change my mind concerning that video. More videos then !


This one is good! Two A4 is better than one.

fair point, I just thought it also fit well with the “Octatrack is everywhere” post, with somebody using two of them :slight_smile:


It’s worth a sub, even briefly, to his twitch. I enjoyed and learned quite a lot of simple things from his beatmaking streams. He’s a very lovely, chill, watchable guy who is sharing some absolute golden stuff

I’ve always followed his career so it’s nice to see him doing well. I wish he would put out some more music too though, as an MC/producer - Rap Album 2 is a classic for me.

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Jonwayne’s youtube channel is super inspiring.




I’m not sure I get comments like this - I had one myself recently on one of my videos, “Great setup, but you could be doing a lot more with it”. I was like, huh?

Having access to a palette doesn’t mean you need to use it all at once.

Music isn’t always about technical achievement and the minimisation of ones setup. The video doesn’t appear to be ‘look what’s possible with 2 OT’s’ - just an example of how he uses them.


I don’t get yours either. I can’t express my point of view ?
Comments have to be positive only ? What is that ? Only likes, no dislikes ?
Fake perfect world ?

I do think this video is not convincing, I’d like to see a better example with this setup. If the subject is setup only, well ok it is super cool to have 2 octatracks or more…


I really like Jonwayne. He’s a good artist. I’ll check out his OT stuff.


I think phrasing! “Not convicing” just sounds, you know, kinda unconstructive. It’s not about not ever being negative, moreso about communication.

Start with something you liked, then some constructive criticism. It makes your thinking more clear for others in many ways.

The thought generally is to praise creativity I think, like yea everything can be better, but I’m really happy people are making things and sharing. That’s what it’s all about.

When we criticize others we also have to deal with the possibility of being critiqued ourselves, which isn’t unwarranted.


To @BOA: @sezare56 addresses the technical angle.
I’m less interessed by this, personally, than by the sound, both the groove and character of it.
This little piece of track makes me hungry for more :yum:

To @sezare56: don’t expect to formulate a critique without offering your own words to the scrutiny of others.


Sorry if I came across that way, I should have been more clear - you’re free to express your opinion, but your opinion in this case was that the video is not ‘Convincing’.

What is it that you think you were trying to be convinced of?

The context was “pretty cool and down to Earth way to show some beats/ideas” :man_shrugging:


Sorry, my english is limited. Straight to the point. I think you got the idea. I didn’t say it was shit. I would expect a more original example with a setup like this, something like scratch, turntable fx…

The video is too short…so I’d be glad to see more, it’s interesting.
@natehorn is this answering your question too ?


Ha not really, doesn’t sound like a language barrier issue - you still seem to be under the impression that the video is to be treated as a technical demo.

He jammed this way 'cause that’s how he wants to jam - again he’s not trying to convince you of anything. I think some context is lost here.

I guess it could always be more complicated if that’s what you’re into. Maybe he doesn’t like scratch effects.

Edit: But yea making an effort to see it from your POV I get where you’re coming from, you came in to see an example of OT’s being used as decks and were expecting an impressive demonstration - it makes sense


He says it on Reddit. Its a small excerpt from a 2 hour set. He does great in-depth vids on beat making. It’s super cool that the OT is being treated like an OG MPC. I always craved a MPC but the OT is the best of both worlds for me.