Joué - Midi Controller

Here the new controller of JazzMutant’s team.

I want one of these.


um… yeah… GAS!

Dunno man. Looks like a birthday cake… Maybe it feels better to play tho.

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More hyped on : mine ! :slight_smile:


yeah that too! I wonder how much $$$?? Any good rumors on price?

I don’t seen any midi ports on Joué nor Mine. Does that mean it can be only played with DAW, or could I connect the usb to Tm1 Elektron midi interface then have midi port for my gear ?

You can see the price on the kickstarter. The first price in EU for me is 260€

It’s midi in usb i think so you can control your device but not with tm1 but with kenton midi usb host for example.

Interesting! Is it MPE compatible? There were moments that looked like it did feature some multidimension play but others not so much.

yes, description says its MPE compatible, and also is USB class compliant…

I think if you PAY in the KickStarter 260 € you have one device + 1 kit of intelligent controllers surfaces… i guess

New version, the Joué Play on Kickstarter

I just got a notice about this, they are being offered on Kick-Starter. I was confused at first because i remembered the original Joué. The new version Joué Play as far as i can make out is physically the same, but apparently the internals have changed and they reduced the price. It outputs USB MIDI.

I own and use a Sensel Morph, and have never played the original Joué. So i am familiar with the concept, just not this implementation.

It has four overlays that get recognized by RFID, not magnet placement as with the Sensel Morph. From this video it seems the overlay placement is more fussy than on the Sensel Morph, which you can practically throw on. The video shows live music creation while swapping out the overlays – the actual music is not my cup of tea though:

I like the overlays; a drum machine, keyboard, fretboard and grid. (The keyboard will probably feel too small for me just like it does on the Sensel Morph. But that’s a personal thing.)

I think the grid and fret board should be interesting. Joué Play like Sensel Morph allows customization on more or less a blank pad. How well the cusomization software works is very important. There is no mention of MPE on KS page, which is native to the Sensel Morph. I wonder about sensitivity, which is extraordinary on the Sensel Morph, but it is no doubt very good. There will be an app with it too.

The KS price seems reasonable at $290, including four overlays. I am tempted.

You get choice of two different color schemes Fire and Water. Fall 2020 is projected delivery.

Kickstarter Site

Article in engadget

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Have people here used these? They look quite interesting, especially for the price.

I got it on sale to play with my Prophet 5 Desktop.

More accurately I got the Fire edition Pro bundle.

Installing the Pro features - particularly MPE - was a painful process. A big part of the problem is communication, and I don’t think it’s the language barrier. I think the underlying issue is they are a small company and have not been able to maintain their documentation. It took multiple emails to their support to understand the process. Even now I can’t really say what the process is, other than to email them about what needs to be done, and hope they eventually send the updater app that needs to be run to enable the Pro features.

I seem to get on the best with the regular keyboard overlay. The guitar overlay is a curiosity at best - I didn’t feel like it allowed me to be that expressive.

The P5 sounded fine with regular aftertouch. It doesn’t respond to MPE at present.

I played with the MPE in Surge XT. I don’t think peeps who have a Linnstrument or Roli have much to worry about from a competition standpoint. OTOH, this thing is cheaper. You get what pay for.


I got a hold of one of these recently - the Joué Play Pro. It’s actually pretty smart. I am not the world’s best with MPE, but it is particularly cool for use with different VSTs (though you can use it with hardware DIN MIDI with an adapter)

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