Joystick sticking...anyone else?

Hi all!

I’m new to the Elektron world with an Analog Keys as of last week.

So far, so good, with one main exception: my joystick physically sticks in place quite frequently. It doesn’t often happen when using it quickly/dramatically, but using it slowly and subtly will sometimes have it sticking in a modulated position, say in the top right corner or bottom left corner

It also squeaks/creaks quite a bit. Any tips? Is it perhaps a “break-in” issue? It hasn’t improved or gotten worse noticeably so far in the last week.

Besides this hopefully minor issue, it’s probably the best synth I’ve ever played :slight_smile:

No issues with mine yet. Probably best to open a support ticket with Elektron and see what they say.

Regarding the joystick issue, do you have the latest OS installed?

Yes, and the issue I have is a hardware issue with the joystick physically staying in place somewhere besides centered rather than the software issue that others had previously.
@Dataline should I go ahead and submit a support request? I would be happy to send you or the support team a video to show what I am experiencing.
Like I said, besides this little hiccup, I’m quite fond of it :wink:

Ok, I see :frowning:

Please contact Elektron Support along with a short video file.

I am sure it will be sorted out in no time!