Joystick X/Y...Z?

Was exploring the joystick the other day and a buddy realized that it has a downward (z) button pressing “click”.

I can’t find any info on this in the manual and don’t recall seeing it discussed as of yet. Has anybody figured out if this is usable yet In any way? Any guesses towards possible uses via future updates?

It would be great to be able to use it to mute all tracks at once and only keep the delay and reverb running at high feedback/decay levels…

I want a hold release setting. Hold joystick at current value. Release joystick from current value.

Wow cool find! It does indeed have a switch.


Page 12 of the manual: pressing the joystick sends CC2 (breath control) by default.

i didn’t catch that when reading it myself, but the previous idea of a joystick lock toggle is a good one, i think these joysticks are probably ps3/xbox class and that the press is an untapped area - lucky keys owners, although still easy to mock up with lemur/A4 :wink:

you are mistaken

pulling the joystick in the downward (toward you) direction is the breath control, not pressing it like a button.

using a midi monitoring app I have determined that it sends no information at all

This obviously will be the button that enables external midi sequencing! :wink:

Shhhh, this is supposed to be announced next year when they release the Elektron Nord modular.