Hello evryone,

Just a little question, I’ve seen that there’s a possibility to use a joystick with the mnomachine, I was wondering if they sell one not include to a synthetiser. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

We do not offer any external joystick peripherals for the Monomachine, but a user here on the forums, Guga, makes really nice MIDI controllers for some of our instruments.

His SFX-JII might be right up your alley:

Also, he’s a very nice guy. :+1:

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Not available yet though AFAIK.

Several keyboard controllers exist that have joysticks that can be mapped to the MnM; one is the Korg MicroKONTROL … haven’t tried it myself but at least some users like the pairing.

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I picked up a Korg Kontrol49 because I needed a MIDI keyboard and I guess I was curious about its joystick could be used with the Monomachine. I’ve yet to quite figure out a good setup, and I think that’s mainly because the Kontrol49’s joystick has no tension at all. From the reviews I was expecting the joystick to feel “cheap”, and so I’m not too surprised but… fun, though, to finally have a reason to change the Mono’s joystick settings.

Does anyone know where to grab a SFX-jII ?
Thanks !

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Has anyone tried to map Korg microKEY 25 joystick?
Does it work well?

I don’t have a microKEY 25.

The first thing to note is that the microKEY 25 does not have a MIDI port, so you would need to use a MIDI host device (for example, a computer) to connect it to the Monomachine.

Once that’s done, the default mapping on the microKEY’s joystick exactly matches the MIDI messages that the Monomachine responds to.

I`ve got Kenton usb-midi host.

I wonder why there are only CCs for Up and Down directions in the Monomachine midi map?

Joystick CCs

Where are the Left and Right directions which appear in the Assign menu?

Joystick Menu

Are they available for mapping?

Because the Joystick Left and Right actions respond to MIDI Pitch Bend messages (which are not CC messages), as described on the same page of the manual as that screenshot you posted (and shown in the screenshot!).

They are on the tab that you showed in that screenshot from the manual!

There you can assign incoming MIDI Pitch Bend messages to affect two destinations in the MM’s sound engine. If you set MIRR (mirror) to “ON” then both directions of pitchbend have the same effect.

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