Juno 106 buying tips?

I’m considering trading some gear for a Juno 106. Apparently it’s had one voice chip and holder professionally replaced/repaired, and is getting calibrated before sale/trade too.

Are there any tell-tale signs I should look out for when testing it? Anything to suggest that if one voice chip has gone, the other/s are likely to do the same?

Any advice/tips appreciated.

Best place to look is here;



Best thing you can do is follow the tests in the link klerc posted. If you’re getting cracking/static, try moving the low/mid/hi switch around at the back. If you’re going to see it in person before buying, ask the seller if they can leave it on for a few hours before you go to check it out, since the voice chip issue doesn’t always appear until it has been on for a while.

I just got one this month and love it. Unfortunately, voice 2 went out within 48 hours or so of getting it, although it still works occasionally. The voice chips will fail…it isn’t a question of if, only when. Best thing to do really is to get the Analogue Renaissance clones and be done with it, but if you’re not prepared to deal with that, you should look at another synth. For me, it was worth it.

the awesome people of this forum already helped me out a great deal here How much for a Juno 106

my 2ct: replaced sound chips are in your favour! … eventually iirc they will all break sooner or later… so a juno with 6 replaced chips is better than a juno without any replaced chips… I am no expert though

In addition: Be sure to check functionality of BANK and PATCH NUMBER buttons. The tactile switches below the button caps have to tendency to wear out. I would also recommend to replace the battery. I don’t have any experience in terms of the voice chips (yet). Mine still work perfectly.

EDIT: Any dust cover other Juno 106 owners would recommend?