Just got a Blue MonoMachine (Anniversary edition)

Just acquired one of these bad boys.

Sold my entire modular system last month, in an attempt to scale down on equipment. Bought myself an Octatrack and fell in love.

Now this popped up on our local craigslist yesterday: Mint condition Blue Monomachine (Anniversary edition). Couldn’t resist the urge for 1.300€.

Didn’t get much sleep last night, and if it’s possible, I think I dig this machine just as much as the OT! The build quality, the nice metal finish, the big display and of course the sounds! The way Elektron makes these boxes a small contained environment, with endless possibilities is amazing.

I feel like I’m falling down a new rapid hole with these Elektron machines.

This post is actually just a warning. Loads of questions regarding these two devices coming up.


haha it’s even named as “Blue Monomachine”

I wish someone would clone the legacy series for 299 each.


Damn that’s sexy!

A beautyful unit :sunglasses::+1:


Have to say the industrial design on those MnMs is just lovely :heart:


Mate you got some good price!

slick :sunglasses: