Keep some sounds locked while ctrl all on the rest

Hi, i was wondering if it possible to keep the pitch locked on eg the bassline while i mangle the rest of the music?

P-Lock the pitch on all your trigs, I’d guess.

The note and pitch are different settings, so I’d guess lock them to their default state

Not possible. I wish though. @Ryan ctrl-all effects even p-locked trigs, sadly.

:open_mouth: Whoa! That’s an odd move!

That’s like the only Elektron where the performance overrides the lock

Yeah - being able to exempt a track from the ctrl-all would be great. I’d be happy with an “all or nothing” per track.


I’ll have to experiment more with the note parameter, because I do believe ctrl all doesn’t effect that one. I know, for sure, it effects p-locks on amp envelope, filter, fx etc…

I mean- I reckon from what you’re saying- that ctrl-ALL is all or nothing regardless of locks. So if you’re able to ctrl-all the Notes the locks won’t matter, otherwise it just won’t do anything.

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I will mess aroud with it some more see what i can make happen, would be great if we could exempt some tracks or certain parameters on tracks from ctrl all but not the end if we cant, just a nice idea

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+1. I use a lot of longer tempo dependent loops and it would be great to use crtl all on the tune parameter without effecting the track(s) with loops.

yep thats where im running into probs too, and when synced to mpc my song will go out of tune with the tracks running from mpc which arent affected, so at the moment im keeping my loops or pitched stuff on mpc and just drums on digitakt whrch would be heaps more fun if the other stuff was getting filtered and effected but no go out of tune

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Maybe the LFO could be abused to achieve the desired effect.

OT fader overrides plocks as well

Huh- I don’t recall that

same here, would be cool if TRK + BANK opened another mute mode where you could just turn off the tracks you don’t want effected by ctrl-all.


very sensible and time-saving, also very easy to implement.

seriously? That’s not the case on MD.


as with the Machinedrum, i would imagine the Function tweak-all of a particular parameter effects all tracks until the next p-locked parameter trig for a track is reached by the playhead.

for quicker sounds this essentially means a track won’t obviously be effected by a function-tweak all, unless the function tweak-all movement happens exactly when the p-locked trig plays, but for longer sounds, an effect of the function tweak may still be heard.

It seems you are correct! I just tested this out and I was definitely mistaken. I put a woodblock sound on every step of 1 bar and p-locked the tune parameter to different values. Crtl all on the tune parameter did nothing. This changes everything…


thanks to Trond from Elektron Users back in 2010 for this tip.

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Good detective work guys