Keeping a track when you change patterns?

Hi OT-Live-chiefs,

is there a way I can keep a track or miditrack when I change the pattern?
Not prepared, but spontaneously, and Live?
My Gigs are half prepared and half improvised, so if something cool pumps up I eventually wanna keep it for the next pattern or use this improvised Track as a transition.

So far 2 possibilities:

Copy Track: Not elegant, no transition possible, and parts?!
Pickup Machines: yes, they stay after changing patterns, but buggy and “fixed”- no more changes possible.

Other possibilities?


Use a flex-machine… and scenes:

Most of the time… I have 1 track, that plays some recording buffer. but its muted by the scenes… Everytime I got a loop, that i want to “keep” … so i can play with it later (in the same pattern, or later in other pattern) . I make my octatrack record the mainouts into that record buffer… and use it :slight_smile:

usually scene 16… and track7 or 8 (depending on, if i have mastertrack activated yes or no) …

typically used as "a way to do a transition from song A to song B)
or to keep a “simple version of a song” I fade back in, just before breakdowns or what ever… its wicked…

I never use pickup machines… those flex-machines and some fiddling and thinking worked out allot better for me…

Linkie has video, where i show almost all weird techniques I do, when doing realtime sampling… hope it helps

Enjoy your day…

(and I am sure other elektron people use difrent techniques, so i hope they chime in)