Keith McMillen K-board C

Anyone have this new usb-c version?

The website says its MPE compatible?
does it work better than the QuNexus red?

Can’t seem to find any reviews online so I’m curious to hear experiences here.

I’ve got one on order for some testing for work. I’ll try to remember to report back when it comes and I’ve had a chance to play with it for non-work purposes.

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I think that’s a comparison with the original K-Board, not the K-Board-C (which does support MPE). I was investigating the K-Board-C a while ago and noticed that a lot of documentation on their website is still about the original K-Board and hasn’t been updated yet.

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I have been curious since I always liked the Qunexus until the coating went sticky, and a MPE controller in that form factor could be nice.

I realized that I only used the Qunexus for basic midi notes with slight velocity sent to fairly simple synths, and I have seen some comments of inconsistent keys and y-axis modulation, so that has made me unsure of how the K-Board C might fare, but there is only like one dude who appears to have tried one on the audiobus forum when I looked it up on google, so maybe it’s improved now. I wouldn’t expect a high level of accuracy for the price so maybe it’s overblown.

The other thing that has put me off is that it apparently doesn’t work with the midi expander (which I already own) to use with midi din/hardware synths. I’m using a computer more these days but the Qunexus was really nice for pairing with an Elektron module.

I’m still curious about it though, since the size is great and I actually enjoyed playing the Qunexus.

You’re right! Will remove my post.

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