Key tracking not working on MIDI tracks?


I tried to assign Key Tracking to MIDI CC’s on the KIT > ASSIGN > KEY page, in the hope I could use MIDI notes as a modulation source (using an arp) for parameters on my Eventide Space (e.g. C1 = short decay, C8 = very long decay, and everything in between)

It doesn’t seem to work.

The parameters are properly mapped to my Space as they do control the pedal when I turn encoders or P-lock values on the corresponding CC’s (assigned on the GLOBAL > MIDI SEQ > MIDISEQ SET page)

CONTROL OUT 1 is also correctly set to INT+OUT for everything.

Anybody tried that?

Is it possible at all.

Theoretically it should work, I have no clue why it doesn’t.

Any help is welcome!

And velocity tracking doesn’t seem to work either on MIDI tracks.

Any clues?


@PeterHanes maybe?

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I’ve had my MM MkII for almost exactly 10 years without seeing that the note (key) tracking could seemingly be assigned to MIDI CC values.

I had a quick twiddle just now, and it doesn’t seem to work for me either. Since the manual only refers to the seven synth parameter pages plus pitch, I wonder whether it’s a mistake that “MIDI” appears as a destination page.

Again, same here.

I don’t remember ever hearing of anyone using this feature. You might create a support ticket with Elektron to see whether they can remember whether it’s supposed to work!

It would be a crazy feature to have, but I guess it would fit the MM’s reputation.

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Thanks a bunch for taking the time to check!

In view of your reply, I’m going to submit a ticket as you suggest. My hopes that they release a new OS, so long after the last one, just for this specific issue, are quite low but one never knows. Elektron surprised us in the past…

I really hope they do fix this, however, because this feature would bring the arpeggiator to another dimension and dramatically enhance the MnM’s ability to interact with other equipment. Combined with the arp and what not, it can become a new modulation source for external synths/FX. I’m surprised there were not more people interested in this.

Have a nice day!