Keybed la Virus Ti kbd

Anyone knows a synth or midi controller with the same keybed as Access Virus Ti keyboard?

That’s the Fatar TP/8S, right? According to this list, it is the TP/8S
Someone who knows a lot about keybeds told me, that the Fatar TP/8S was never built into masterkeyboards, there are other synths with it ofc., but not many. He also said most midi controllers currenty have cheap keybeds, if you’re looking for a really good one, go for an older controller.

Older Novation SL Remote have the TP/9S weighted.

I just tried to find midi controllers with TP/8S keybeds, but seems like he was right…


Its not the same, but I bought a blofeld keyboard to get a fair-priced fatar (I don’t even use the synth). Its a TP/9S. Only 4 octave though.

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Not the same at all Blofeld and Ti kbd.

How is the keybed on Novation SL mk3 compared to Virus ti kbd?