Keys vs. Mk 1 A4

Both are available for quite cheap locally. Do they actually sound different? Does the keys have more low end? I know it has individual outs which is a big plus.

Strictly same sound engine…The AK is said to have a bit more to offer on the lower end, I’m not sure if this has been ever confirmed by a valid demonstration.

I owned both, Analog keys all the way, form factor, playing on top of your sequences, joystick etc makes it extremly powerfull !


Confirmed with above. The AK has the highest capability for sonic exploration and I wish I could have a go at that joystick.

However, the issue with Elektron full sized synths is that they’re comparatively less convenient than their groovebox packaging.

Before you make your decision, really think about how important that convenience factor is for you.

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For me, the differences in tactility, individual outs and feedback is greater and more important than the sound differences.

I’m for AK(s) all day :slightly_smiling_face:.