Keystep 37 (Standard) vs PRO Version - Is the PRO worth the extra $$

Hi all,
Looking to get a 37 key (3 octave) midi controller. Was looking at the Arturia Keysteps as I have most of their software offerings and they also integrate well with Ableton. The regular Keystep 37 seems very popular, but so is the Pro version with the 4 track sequencer. The Pro version is about $240 more than the regular Keystep and wondering if anyone has background with both and found the regular Keystep enough or if the extra $ was worth the added features for the PRO version.
I’m no keyboardist but I do find myself needing more than 2/2.5 octaves sometimes when using a DAW. I’m mostly on software but recently got a Roland Verselab MV1 and have a Syntkat on the way. Looking to keep footprint relatively small. No synth modules yet either, but may try that down the line. Wondering if the sequencer in the Syntakt would be a better option for synth modules down the line vs spending the extra money on the KS PRO. Just trying to keep options open for versatility.

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I have all three, including the Beatstep Pro.

Since you have a Syntakt coming, which I also have, you only need the 37.

The Syntakt sequencer is way better, and the extra time on it will make it worth your while. The 37 also has a chord mode, which the Pro does not. The Syntakt has chord machines, but I don’t think it controls over midi like the 37. Plus the 37 has a stum mode for the chords.

It also has a smaller footprint. Overall, I think there is so much overlap between the Pro and Syntakt, that you should be good money with just the 37.

The Pro is fantastic though, just not as good as an Elektron box.


Main differences are more CV outputs (useless if you don’t have modular gear), more sequencer tracks (mostly useful if you have multiple hardware synths), drum sequencer (could be useful even for sequencing DAW since it has a nice workflow with setting each lane to different lengths, but you’ll have some DAW equivalent and of course your Syntakt…). Your Syntakt has a much much better sequencer than any version of the Keystep.

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I respectfully, but completely disagree with the opinion that the Syntakt has the better MIDI sequencer.

I just swapped the Keystep 37 for a Keystep Pro – and also have a Syntakt. The Syntakt MIDI Sequencer has very limited support for polyphony. In my opinion the Keystep Pro sequencers are way more immediate, hands-on and inspiring. You can start with an Arpeggio (with Random function if you like), just hit Record to turn it into a sequence – and then apply various functions to transform it: Random Octave shifts, Random Note Order, Random Notes, Nudge it against other sequences and so on…


Fair points. The Syntakt is monophonic and doesn’t have an arpeggio func.

And the 37 doesn’t sequence its arp.

I actually suggest going Pro then.

It’s a good investment and very little compromise.


The 37 can strum chords in interesting ways. Also worth looking at the Novation Launchkeys and SL series.

(I’ve got the Keystep 37 and a 61SL Mk3, but am only just starting to explore the SL)

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The Syntakt MIDI tracks are polyphonic, but I think only 4 voices + all the Keystep sequencers handle polyphonic sequencing way better than any Elektron, that’s for sure. For me, plocking MIDI cc + having all your sequencing in one place > KSP randomisation features, but everybody’s different. You can record the Keystep 37 arp (or any external MIDI arp) into the Syntakt sequencer btw, so I don’t think that’s necessarily an advantage KSP + Syntakt has over K37 + Syntakt. Best thing is to look at the respective feature lists and work out what’s important for you. Doesn’t help that Arturia put features in the 37 that aren’t in their “pro” model though!

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Can you put up a link with how to do this? That is awesome.

You’re making me take back back my correction and suggest the 37 again!

Elektron boxes can record external MIDI onto the sequencer if the MIDI is being sent to the auto channel: get the other sequencer sending notes on the auto channel, put the track into live record mode, and it’ll do it. Important to note that it’s got to be the auto channel: it won’t work if the notes are going to the MIDI channel that a specific track is set to.


Step or Jump Step work for recording an arp from Keystep 37 into the Syntakt sequencer, too. To get to it I think on Syntakt you hold Record + tap Stop, stop again to toggle between Step (every incoming note takes a step on the sequencer) to Jump Step (skips steps based on the Len parameter in Trig page). Hard to explain, but worth a try and fun for ,uh, jump-starting a sequence by using the Pattern arp on Keystep for a bit of randomness…

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Damn. I need to try these out when I get a chance. School has me busy. But winter break is going to be fire.

Thank you both for the info @dokev and @Humanprogram

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