am I supposed to have it like this to make it sound good ?.. I keep reading about the filer keytracking thing …

A lot of people myself included believe this should be the default.
I wouldn’t say it’s right like this but I would say it’s important to recognise the difference.
At the end of the day it’s down to what you want to acheive.

Not even keytracking for lowpass? That’s incredibly useful when making any kind of analog style sounds, imo. I guess if you’re not using the filter at all it’s good to turn keytracking off, but I find it doesn’t make a difference if you have the base and width at their default settings anyway.

no no no no nooooo … I want to know what I shall do! … how do you do it ? :stuck_out_tongue: … I wanna be as good as the others. … btw it took me forever to actually find this menu! (more than 6months… )

I actually tend to prefer keeping HPF keytracking on for most sounds. With a moderately low BASE and moderately high HP resonance it gives more body (i.e. weight around the fundamental harmonic) to a lot of otherwise thin sounds.

There is no general rule for this! It totally depends on what kind of sound you want to achieve.

If you want the cutoff frequency to follow the played notes (for example when you are emphasizing harmonics by resonance), then key tracking is important. If you want to shape the sound itself, not using it in a harmonic matter (for example using the filter to get rid of certain frequencies because they are harsh and don’t sound nice), then you don’t want the carefully chosen area to move with every tone you play!

There is a reason synthesizers have a switch for this function (and yes you’re right, it’s quite hidden in the Monomachine!)

so guys, thaks again for some insight into your personal preferences, and general knowledge …

I must say … I hate this topic = keytracking as much as I hate compression … it is just sooooo filled with magic, fm to be exact, that being fucking magic! …

there seems to be no “this is the best setting” setting … hmmmm… maybe one day I will understand :stuck_out_tongue:

I just randomly either select on or off … and hope for the best. … just like how I set my compressor in the MD

Setting your MD compressor so it is hammering full gain, but then using the wet/dry fade so it shouldn’t be sounding but is, seems to be the best setting for it.

As for the monomachine the most golden of all rules is to back of the distortion to -7… unless you want distortion.

Bit of interesting reading material for ya :slight_smile:

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