Kick Ducking

Hi all.

I have been trying to get my basslines in Octatrack to duck kicks from MD.

On Octa I use a oneshot trig usually over 64 steps for a bassline. I have tried using trigless locks where the kicks live to do this. A P-lock on the VOL parameter.

However, the first trigless lock after the bassline trig brings the volume down (as it should) but the bass doesn’t recover back to its’ programmed level until the next bass trig.

Is what I am trying to do here possible, or is there an easier way of achieving this?

You could use LFO to modulate in Trig mode the VOL, waveform shapes and more control i think.

And you can bring it in with one knob or Scene.

Remember that you could get enormous volume oscillations, so just keep in mind what to add/subtract from VOL when the LFO modulates.
Using a Scene, actually, would be pretty correct as approach since you can lower the VOL while getting hi depth in LFO modulation.

This way you can duck or not with your crossfader tip

Something like this example made in 45 secs

just use another trigless trig after the one with the volume down. But this time with the original volume. That’s how I do it.

Thanks for the responses!
Will try both of these to see which one works best for me.
Any other approaches welcome!

Also a slower ATT in Amp page triggered by sample-trigs(red) or trigless-trig (full green)

When writing in Cubase, I actually prefer to group the tracks I want to duck and draw in automation manually.

Ducking using detection on the start of the kick never feels fast enough for me.

I guess to reproduce on this kit, I’d have to param lock hits on the tracks I want to duck.