Kick only fades back slowly

Hi everyone,

Encountered something with my mk1 that I haven’t had before, where the kick drum doesn’t, uh… kick back in when unmuted, but only comes back slowly, as if faded in, taking up to six beats before it’s back to full volume.

This happens also with no other tracks/drums playing. This happens also with no compression (or compressor set completely to ‘dry’). No MIDI in or out, no Overbridge, no samples, no inputs, only headphone output.

Any idea what might be causing this?



maybe a ‘not yet’ resonant filter kick ?!

It’s a Bass Drum Classic with no resonant filtering going on. I did filter it a bit with peak filter and wondered if it might have anything to do with it, but behaviour is the same with for instance a low-pass or high pass.

whats the lfo doing?

The LFO is unassigned.

What about the compressor? What’s going on there?

Can you add photo of every parameter page ? It’ll make this easier;)

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is it doing this only on a specific kit/sound/project? or can you replicate it on other projects? maybe also look into note slides in that pattern…

Thanks @nionmu and @other for these proposals. I will try them both and post images/report back. Really appreciate the response, I need to figure out what is really happening.

as mentioned, i would check compressor and maybe the amp/filter pages too…does it happen if you use a basic kit and clear pattern?

Compressor is set all the way dry, so it shouldn’t have an impact.

Concerning note slides, I haven’t programmed any. Further, it doesn’t only happen when I run a pattern, I can also make it happen if I hut a bunch of the other drums first and then the kick. It sounds like a super super slow release of a compressor that has been hit hard loud. But again, compressor is set dry. And the kick is not coming from a resonating filter.

If I make a new init kit, I am not able to reproduce it, at least not yet.

What can it be?

Here are images of Trig, Synth, Filter, Amp and LFO pages, as well as the Compressor.

Any ideas?

Hoping for an embarrassing and easily solvable oversight on my part…

Thanks again.

I was able to reproduce it. (Was too quick earlier).

It’s the AMP settings. With Attack set to max and Decay to minimum.

That’s what causes it.

But funny that it’s only triggered in relation to other drums, not when I only hit the kick on it’s own.

Any idea why this is?

I often struggle to understand the effect of the Amp on the drum synth, precisely I think because if this. It seems to have no effect (when I hit the kick alone, the attack is not slow at all), but then the envelope comes in super strong when the kick is unmuted. How is this?

Again, thanks!

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clearly the amp settings… :+1:t2:

maybe you have p-locks on the env-retriggering, (or env settings) and if you unmute the kick on the sequencer the amp env gets triggered once…

try to delete the bd track (trigs) and put in new ones, to see if something was p-locked (you can copy the track and than paste it again afterwards, to not loose it)

Nothing is p-locked.

I recreated it with a new kit and a new pattern, did nothing but put in trigs. But as I mention above I can also activate the slow attack by just playing other drum tracks freely by hand first, and then hitting the kick. The first kick-hit, or triggered kick, makes no sound, then with each hit it slowly becomes more audible and louder until it reaches the set level/volume. At this point, if I keep triggering, the Amp Attack setting seem to make no difference anymore. Also in relation to other drums/sounds. It all plays fine together. It’s only after not playing the kick and playing other drums before playing the kick again, or after muting the kick and then unmuting it, that the slow attack fade back in happens.

hm, maybe you should try a new project also…

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Okay… or, I don’t really understand.

I mean, I can make the effect come and go now by adjusting the Amp envelope parameters. So in that sense my initial problem is solved.

The only thing that makes me curious now is why the Amp envelope seems to be working this way (not on individual kick hits, but rather like some kind of master compressor effect). I’m not sure how creating a new project would help clarify how or why this happens, but… maybe?

just in case some (project)settings are responsible for that… if it does not happen on a fresh project we could narrow down the reasons